Legendary day. What wedding style to choose?

How organize a wedding? What Registry office to choose? In what restaurant celebrate the occasion? What is the first point to start? – these are the questions faced by the future newlyweds, preparing for the most important and magical day in their lives. If you are among them, and if you have already started to ponder over these questions – this short digest of fashionable wedding styles is for you!

Classical style

When you say the word “wedding”, almost everybody automatically imagine the bride in a magnificent white wedding gown, the groom in an elegant suit and the tiered wedding cake. All these are the essential elements of a wedding in a classical style. That is the very wedding that every girl dreams of from her early childhood. A classical wedding is chosen by the newlyweds who want to hold a luxurious and at the same time exquisite celebration. This style implies consistency in all details and decor elements.

The features of the classical style are:

  • Sophistication and elegance;
  • To use of pastel colours (cream, pearl, champagne +gold/ silver);
  • To exclude bright, eye-catching details;
  • Floral compositions;
  • Seating Cards for guests;
  • Dress code for guests, especially for bridesmaids (dresses of the same color or even the same style);
  • The use of textiles to decorate tables, chairs and wall draperies.

The classical style implies the bride’s and groom’s gowns to be moderate and decent.

  • The bride should not refuse a magnificent dress, a train or a veil – let it be to feel like a real Princess or even a Queen. The bride’s dress for the wedding should be made of expensive materials, such as satin or silk. It can be straight, fitted or lush cut, but always long down to the floor. It is recommended to choose an outfit with a train.
  • A handbag and shoes should be matched to the outfit. Give preference to classic shoes with a thin heel and a closed nose.
  • The hairstyle should be like a Royal high hairstyle, an elegant smooth beam or romantic flowing curls.
  • A bride should give preference to natural makeup with an emphasis on the eyes and choose discreet jewellery or expensive bijouterie.
  • The groom’s image should be in one style with the bride’s one. A tailcoat, a tuxedo or a three-piece suit (with vests) will be appropriate for this occasion. As for the color, in addition to black and white for a classical wedding, you can choose dark blue or grey suits and pink or blue shirts. To complete the classical image choose a tie or a bow tie.


While decorating a Banquet hall in a classical style, it is necessary to refuse usage of excessively massive and bright details. The decoration of the hall should be simple but elegant. Guests for such an event are seated at separate tables, which are covered with beautiful tablecloths, the color of which should coincide with the main colour of the ceremony. On the tables, vases with fresh flowers are placed. A mandatory element of the wedding is the personalized boarding cards for guests.

The table where the newlyweds are seated should stand out from the crowd. It is decorated with fabric draperies, floral arrangements, candles in glasses, porcelain figurines, garlands with bulbs.

For a classic wedding, it is customary to prepare multi-tiered cakes. They are fabulous  in photos and videos and amaze your guests with their beauty.

And fdd an style allows unforgettable bridal bouquet.

Eco- styles

Now fewer and fewer couples choose a traditional black-and-white wedding; most prefer to dilute the classical colors of fashion trends and to arrange a wedding in a certain color, in the style of a country or an era, or even based on couple’s favorite books and movies.

Eco-styles have recently become on of the most favourite. They include country, boho and Provence, because they tend to “naturalness” in everything from the image of the newlyweds to the wedding decor. This is a great option for extraordinary couples who want to hold the celebration for which nature is the main decoration, and the bride is a forest nymph.

Features of eco-styles are:

  • Natural material;
  • Field flowers;
  • Wood, moss, burlap;
  • Outdoor wedding;
  • Classical colors: white, cream, brown, green and blue;
  • Natural pastel colors: cornflower blue, sky, sand.

Since the main emphasis of such weddings is on the naturalness and natural beauty, special attention should be paid to the wedding venue. The ideal platform for you will be a natural landscape: field, forest glade or thicket. An excellent solution is to use trees draped with natural fabrics and garlands instead of classic arches; the cart or haystack will look original. Remember that simplicity and naturalness are important for the selected styles, so it will not be easy to achieve this effect in luxury restaurants.

The bride’s and groom’s images differ from the traditional ones: the bride’s dress should be light and airy. You can also choose a sundress made of natural fabric. The hairstyle should be braids, curls or loose hair. The complement to the image can be a wreath of field flowers, which will be combined with the bride’s bouquet. For the image of the groom, you can use unusual accessories, such as suspenders, a vest, a straw hat and moccasins.

Boho style

Boho wedding style or Bohemian chic “connects the unconnected”. The main task of the style is to combine the images of different eras and cultures, to emphasize the closeness to nature. Boho is a rather unusual style, which is characterized by both notes of vintage, folk elements, features of country style, as well as notes of freedom-loving image of hippies.

Features of boho style are:

  • The use of natural flowers;
  • Combination of bright and calm tones and colours;
  • The use of a large number of accessories from different styles, including handmade jewellery, knitted and wicker items;
  • The use of different textures, abundance of draperies;
  • The use of simple, vintage things, old furniture, combining different style items.

In boho style, much attention is paid to details and accessories. Floristry implies that the wedding tables should be decorated with non-standard flower bouquets, for which the best solution will be dried flowers, wildflowers, herbs, twigs and even bird feathers. Original look of the floral composition could be achieved if plants are covered with gold or silver paint.

Do not forget about another important element of the decor – the lighting, which should support the mood of the wedding, make it unusual and romantic. To illuminate the wedding in the evening, you can use candles, kerosene and oil lamps and antique lights.

Provence Style

Features of the Provence style are:

  • Natural materials;
  • Muted colors;
  • Lots of air and light;
  • Aristocratic simplicity and naturalness;
  • Plenty of vintage items;
  • Fresh smell of lavender;
  • Wrought-iron or wicker furniture;
  • French cuisine.

In the decor, in details, the preference is given to the use of lilac colour and real lavender twigs.

For a wedding in the Provence style the menu of famous French cuisine is unsurpassed.

To support the overall style of the celebration the following items will help:

  • red, pink, white French wines,
  • gourmet cuisine with creamy cheeses,
  • Provence spices,
  • olives,
  • truffles,
  • grape snails,
  • baked vegetables,
  • garlic mayonnaise with fresh homemade baguette.

For desserts the following items can be presented:

  • cupcakes,
  • fruits,
  • berries,
  • honey,
  • exquisite cookies “macaroni”.

Wedding cake will match the Provencal style if in its decoration purple glaze or lavender twigs are also used.

The bride in this style should be elegant, romantic and as well as in the above styles, natural, which means that the preference should be given to the dresses of simple silhouette with a simple decor, for example, lace of light, delicate, translucent fabric. The outfit can be traditionally white, complemented by lilac accessories, and any delicate pastel natural shades.

The elegance of the bride is emphasized with:

  • light veil,
  • lace gloves,
  • shawl,
  • guipure umbrella,
  • light sandals / elegant shoes with a small heel.
  • Accent in the bride’s image should be put on the decorations. You can use stylized antique hairpins, beads, pearls, brooches, pendants. You should not perform too complicated hairstyle.
  • Loose hair, braids with flowers and ribbons, large curls will match the overall simplicity of this style.
  • Make-up should also be natural.

For the groom’s image it is better to choose:

  • simple suit made of natural fabrics of calm muted shades,
  • the tie can be replaced with a lilac or purple neckerchief,
  • to complete the look, you can use braces,
  • belts,
  • hats,
  • as a boutonniere you can use several twigs of lavender, tied with satin ribbon.

Marine style

Another concept that is gaining popularity nowadays is the marine style.

Features of the marine style are:

  • Main colors: white, red, all shades of blue and turquoise, grey, green;
  • The basic pattern for this holiday is stripes;
  • Place of celebration: beach by the sea, shipboard, restaurant on the water;
  • The rings are made of pearls, transparent stones, white metal;
  • The presence of different kinds of Marine items: anchors, steering wheels, flags, boats, shells, fish.

It is easy to guess that the decor for a marine wedding is usually done in blue and dark blue colors. Use elements such as:

  • nodes,
  • anchors,
  • various fish,
  • marine animals and plants,
  • gulls,
  • lighthouses,
  • seashells,

As a rule, a ceremony on the beach is chosen as a venue for the celebration. Moreover, a very beautiful ceremony can be arranged on the banks of the river or lake, on the pier overlooking the bay. Sun rays, azure waves, sand, light breeze – these are the best components for your thematic ceremony.

As for the party most of the future newlyweds select a place near the water, so the bride’s and groom’s outfits should be simple and convenient. No puffy dresses and tuxedos, preference is given to light dresses free cut for the bride and a light shirt with trousers for the groom. Accessories selected in marine colors and style will look great, for example, the bride can try on a necklace or bracelet with shells, and the groom –pale blue tie with a print of anchors and cufflinks in the form of steering wheels.

To emphasize the style of your wedding, you can choose the color of the sea wave, blue, turquoise for bridesmaids’ dresses and shirts of friends of the groom. For the “marine” bouquet of the bride, a perfect decision is shells and pebbles, decorated with rope, blue ribbons and various decorative elements in the form of anchors and other marine attributes. In addition, the “ship” theme can be supported by seating cards on the tables in the form of ships, ropes or twine, which can also decorate the chairs and tablecloths that are in the color of the ceremony with marine prints; the wedding cake and candy bar can also be decorated with corals, starfish, and the biscuit can be made in an unconventional blue color.

We can also organize your wedding in a unique blue style.

Tropical style

Close to the previous style is the tropical style. Yes, what you have heard is right: the style of hot tropical islands with picturesque scenery and bright colors for your wedding without leaving the country!

Features of tropical style are:

  • bright, rich colors in the color palette;
  • abundance of exotic flowers and greenery, tropical fruits, floral ornaments in the decor;
  • light summer outfits for the bride and groom;
  • the use of wicker interior elements and stylized bar with soft drinks.

The image of the newlyweds. The bride should choose a wedding dress of a straight, free cut with open shoulders style, you can even choose a short dress, like a sundress. Shoes should be open and without heels, as an option – elegant sandals. As a wedding hairstyle, you can choose both loose curls and hairstyle with gathered hair, complemented by exotic flowers or a delicate wreath.

The groom can wear a white or bright shirt with loose-fitting trousers or even shorts. More “strict” option is a suit of bright colors. The main emphasis of the male image should be a boutonniere of bright exotic flowers and plants. To support the theme of the wedding bridesmaids can also choose their outfits in tropical style.

Venue. For this style, the classical restaurant is not the most suitable option; it is better to give preference to a beautiful lawn, beach or you can hold a celebration in an outdoor restaurant or tent by the water or pool.


To create an exotic wedding interior, use:

  • Tropical greenery such as palm leaves;
  • Exotic flowers: orchids, callas, etc.;
  • Tropical fruits: pineapples, coconuts, oranges;
  • Fabric of bright colors and print;
  • Wicker products: furniture, fruit baskets, flower vases.

For an outdoor registration the best solution is an arch, decorated with bright flowers, herbs or even fruits, such as pineapples or coconuts. In the decoration of wedding tables, use not only flowers and herbs, but also palm leaves, shells, starfish, as well as exotic fruits of bright colors: pineapples, oranges, lemons, etc., and tablecloths can be chosen not in the traditional style but in bright colors and even with herbal exotic prints.

The bride’s bouquet can embody all your bold fantasies: it can combine flowers of different types and shades. Moreover, the theme of exotic tropics can be emphasized by adding fruit to the bouquet!

The atmosphere of the tropics can be supported by organizing a lounge area with umbrellas, sun loungers and a bar with refreshing cocktails, where your family and friends can relax from the noisy celebration and chat with each other.

For desserts you can choose both traditional cake and a La carte desserts and even ice cream!

Tiffany style

For couples who want to create an elegant and exquisite celebration, the wedding in the romantic style of Tiffany is the best solution.

Features of the wedding in Tiffany style are:

  • Combination of elegance, luxury and minimalism;
  • Main color is turquoise Tiffany blue;
  • Use of rhinestones, crystals, crystal in decoration;
  • Snow-white textiles;
  • Flowers of delicate shades;
  • The spirit of retro.

Wedding in Tiffany style is suitable for couples that are the fans of retro style, as a decoration you can use vinyl records, patifon, paintings done in the style of the 60s, and for lovers of luxury, because the color is associated with Tiffany expensive jewellery. It is better to arrange the wedding in a large spacious restaurant with high ceilings. The undoubted advantage will be mirrors in beautiful frames, crystal chandeliers, exquisite furniture and stucco on the walls and ceiling (for lovers of retro walls can be decorated with black and white photos of the newlyweds).

For the decoration of the hall, first of all, it is necessary to adhere to the main color. Tablecloths would be elegant both in a classical white and turquoise colours. Decorating the tables, it is important to remember that the dishes should be silver or crystal, and on the tables should be exquisite floral arrangements, champagne and chocolate. Ribbons, balloons, fresh flowers of the appropriate colors would be a perfect decoration. Of course, Tiffany blue should be the colour to dominate on the celebration, but it can be supplemented and diluted with milky white, chocolate, white and creamy pink tones.

Cake takes a central place on the celebration. It can be made in the colors of the wedding, black and white or you can follow the latest trends and prefer cute cupcakes to traditional cake. You can make them, for example, in the form of boxes for jewellery company Tiffany & Co.

To emphasize the style of the wedding in the bride’s and groom’s images, we advise the bride to choose a classical white dress, but to supplement belt, bow or frills in turquoise colour. More “courageous” is to give preference to a dress of a straight silhouette of turquoise colour. Long satin gloves, a hat with a veil, an elegant handbag will perfectly suit the dress of any style.

There can be several options for wedding hairstyles: the hairstyle “Babette”, high bun, or a hair dress in a retro style. As decorations for hairstyles hair clips with large rhinestones, bright ribbons, tiara can be chosen. Pearl necklace will help to emphasize the overall style of the image.

Makeup should also match the chosen style. To give the bride expressiveness will help classic black eyeliners and a soft pink lipstick (remember the heroine of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”).

The bride’s bouquet can be made of white flowers (for example, orchids), which can be supplemented with small flowers and ribbons in tone, or from pastel colors.

For the groom, a classical suit of black or grey colour, complemented by a turquoise tie, bow tie or necktie, will be a suitable decision.

Remember: chic and beauty in details, so pay attention to them: choose shoes of the same colour as the dress – that will be flirtatious; do not forget the boutonniere in the same style and colours as the bride’s bouquet, which will give charm to your couple.

Gatsby style

Another style for lovers of literature, cinema and time travel is the wedding in Gatsby style. What’s it? It’s a 20s American Style. It’s jazz. It’s gorgeous outfits. It’s amazing parties. It’s chic, luxury and glamour! And for a couple in love it is exquisite, subtle, sublime feelings. At this wedding, you need to take into account all the details.

Features of the Gatsby style are:

  • Main colors: black and gold;
  • Clothing and accessories of America 20-ies;
  • Feathers, fringe, sequins, crystals, beads;
  • Lace, pearl;
  • Slides and fountains with champagne.

The bride and groom in Gatsby style are a chic couple who knows a lot about fashion. A tuxedo and a bow tie, suspenders and hat and patent-leather boots will make the groom a true gentleman. And the bride should not be afraid to exaggerate her image with sequins and beads – all this is welcome on the dress and accessories.

Stylings with waves and curls will take you into the era of the 20s. Veil can be replaced with recognizable jewellery for hairstyles.

Bride’s makeup should be bright, with an emphasis on the eyes (bold eyeliners or smoky eyes) or lips (juicy and bright colors lipstick), or you can select both – this style has its own rules!

In the bride’s bouquet you can express all your wildest and most daring fantasies: it can be fabric flowers, feathers, vintage brooches, and it can be tied with a string of pearl beads, flowing down the bride’s hand.

Of course, do not forget about the dress code for guests, otherwise your wedding will be incomplete. Fill the celebration with the luxury of a Bohemian party. For ladies, shiny or bright cocktail and evening dresses are suitable, complemented by noticeable decorations, fur boas and boas made of feathers, and for gentlemen suits with stylish men’s accessories are appropriate. In the decor you can also buy a lot: flowers, feathers, beads, pearls, a lot of gold and glitter.

Greek style

Those who want to combine a wedding abroad at the seaside and in a hometown, will like a wedding in the Greek style.

Features of the wedding in the Greek style are:

  • Color scheme: combination of white with blue and elements of yellow and olive;
  • Using a lot of fabric in the decor;
  • The use of stylized Greek ornaments, such as columns;
  • The use of olive branches in the decoration.

The very first thing that comes to mind thinking of a Greek wedding is flowing Greek dresses. Girls immediately imagine themselves on the beach, walking in sandals or barefoot, and their heads are decorated with wreaths of olive branches. But is it enough to organize a Greek wedding?

For the bride’s dress in the Greek style the best choice is dresses of straight silhouette, high waist, corset or bodice with thin straps, chiffon, flowing skirt and a lot of gold and silver jewellery and embroidery. The style of the wedding implies that the veil should be replaced with decoration, for example, a wreath of living laurel or stylized to laurel gold tiara.

As for for the groom’s outfit, for a wedding white suit is perfect for the ceremony on the beach; for a more classical ceremony, he can wear a classical black suit. It will also look good, and go well with the style of the wedding.

An important point is the decor of the wedding. First of all, you should take into account the basic colors of Greece: white and blue. In addition, the wedding hall should be given airiness, which means that it is desirable to use a lot of fabric in the decor: light flowing chiffon will turn your wedding hall into a light sailboat on the sea! If to add more flowers (it is advisable to order floral arrangements in tall vases), you get a real, elegant, Grecian wedding hall. For the wedding ceremony in the open air, you can decorate the area with fake columns in the style of Greek architecture.

The bride’s bouquet should traditionally include red or white roses, white callas, or other flowers in traditional colors – beige, gold, red. Once again, the true Greek accent is olive branches. They can be used in the decor of the whole hall, and in the details.

Loft style

Finally, let’s say about one of the trends of recent years – a wedding in loft style – for young, daring, creative couples who are not afraid of experiments. Wedding in loft style is a great solution for those who hate banality! In addition, if your wedding is not planned for the summer and there is no possibility to register in the open air, it does not mean that your event will be boring and ordinary. A great option is a celebration in the loft (usually abandoned factories and factories that are now being restored), which combines bohemian elements and urban-chic details, and it is ideal as for a wedding ceremony than for a banquet.

Features of the loft style are:

  • Wedding in a large space with high ceilings, brick or concrete walls with huge windows or even without them;
  • Combination of simplicity and functionality;
  • The use of “natural” materials and simple fabrics (linen, wool); for guests you can choose rough tables in industrial style with metal legs, and instead of chairs-wooden boxes, barrels, iron stools;
  • The use of monochrome and muted warm colours (usually supported by the basic design of untreated brick);
  • Using garlands with small light bulbs, candelabra, chandeliers, floor lamps for lighting design;
  • The presence of parts in the retro style, for example, a fireplace, a chest of drawers or antique vases, which bring a special mood;
  • Thematic photo-zones with unusual elements (graffiti);
  • The use of fresh flowers and greenery, giving a special charm and revitalizing laconic space.

The bride’s image in the loft style does not imply a magnificent dress in the Princess’ style.  The style of the dress should be simple, neat, but the dress should have its own flavor: creative cut, lace inserts, embroidery. In addition, ladies who want to show their originality, can wear a denim shirt or even a leather jacket. The outfit should be supplemented with large accessories, including a necklace, earrings or rings.

When creating an image, you should remember the phrase “Bohemian chic”: hair should be gathered in a smooth bun, make smooth curls or choose a La Bohemian chic styling.

The bouquet should be as unpredictable as the celebration itself: as a rule, it contains metal parts, wildflowers. The main thing is brightness, originality.

The main colors of the loft-style wedding are green and burgundy, so the groom can choose a suit of this color scheme. Burgundy jacket, light shirt, jeans are a great choice for loft style. Wedding of this style is the personification of freedom, a combination of old and modern, that’s why a strict tuxedo will look ridiculous at such a celebration.