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Blue wedding-add color to family life!

Brides who have already got a marriage proposal from their beloved and who have already immersed into the process of preparing for the main celebration of their lives, know that the latest trends in wedding fashion is a wedding in a certain color. One of the most popular is the blue wedding. Of course, you can vary the color scheme and prepare a white-blue or dark blue wedding. Blue wedding suggests that the main design, as well as details and accessories of the ceremony are made in blue.

Blue color is often chosen for the ceremony on the shore, as it emphasizes the beauty of the sky and waves. Of course, this does not mean that all your chosen items and outfits should be only in blue. It is better to use blue in accessories for the bride, bridesmaids’ dresses or a groom’s shirt.

Decor for a blue wedding

Décor of a place of registration is one of the most important points which the groom and the bride have to think over. By the colour and

decorations chosen  they can declare the theme of the celebration and express their preferences. Decorating the wedding in blue, remember that it is the main color of your celebration, but that does not mean that it should be in everything – there should not be too much of this colour.

The blue color should be used in the following wedding attributes:

  • Accessories in the bride’s outfits: necklace, earrings, bracelet, veil, ribbon on the head, belt, etc.
  • Groom’s outfit: shirt, pants or shorts, tie, handkerchief
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Groom’s friends’ shirts
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Arch
  • Textiles on tables and chairs
  • Floristic

Choosing a blue color for your wedding, do not forget to decorate the arch under which you will utter each other the vows of love with blue ribbons and/ or flowers. It will look bright and will be a great background for your wedding photos. If you plan to invite guests for your wedding ceremony, the chair covers can be made of blue fabric or white and decorated with blue bows.

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Since the ceremony will take place on the Caribbean coast, the bride and groom’s outfits should be simple and comfortable. No lush dresses and tuxedos, preferences should be given to light flying dresses of a free cut for the bride and a shirt with pants or even shorts for the groom.

The bride can appear in front of  the groom and guests in a traditional white dress, but in accessories, jewellery, bridal bouquet it is fashionable and subtle to use the main color of the celebration. The groom, on the contrary, can make a colourful accent and choose a blue shirt.

The highlight of your celebration can be not only the color, but also following a particular theme. For example, on the Caribbean sea the lovers of blue colour may prefer to hold their wedding ceremony in the Marine style.

Marine style wedding complicates the blue wedding with its decor, because it needs certain elements that can be used in accessories and / or prints:

  • nodes,
  • anchors,
  • various fish,
  • marine animals and plants,
  • gulls,
  • lighthouses,
  • seashells

By the way, if you are planning to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you, contact us!

Accessories selected in the marine style will look great, for example, the bride can try on a necklace or bracelet with shells, and the groom – tie pale blue with a print of anchors and cufflinks in the form of steering wheels.

To emphasize the style of your wedding, you can choose an unusual bridal bouquet, which can be decorated with shells and stones, blue ribbons and various decorative elements in the form of anchors and other marine elements.

“Blue wedding” sounds ordinary and, at first glance, does not seem to be an interesting and unusual idea, but a simple name hides a lot of different ideas, among which each couple will be able to find exactly what she likes. And be sure: photos of your blue wedding will not leave anyone indifferent!


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