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Coffee in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous not only for its snow-white beaches, palm trees and the turquoise-blue ocean. It is not only the beauty of nature that attracts tourists. Coffee in the Dominican Republic is another remarkable feature, alongside with beaches and rum. They drink coffee and offer it everywhere: in hospitals, hotels and government entities. The locals prefer very sweet and strong coffee. Even poor families always have coffee at home. To deny a cup of coffee is an act of disrespect.

Features of coffee cultivation

Looking back into the history, for the first time coffee was brought to the country by Columbus in 18th century. Since then, the Dominicans love and value this beverage, and whole families dedicate their lives to working at the plantations.

The coffee production industry experiences successful development in the Dominican Republic due to warm weather and the soil rich in minerals. Apart from natural factors, these features of cultivation of Dominican coffee also play an important role:

  • Coffee is grown in high-hill plantations, at the altitude of over 1500 meters above the sea level. It is considered that coffee beans grown at high altitudes get a more delicate and deep flavor;
  • Chemical fertilizers are not used;
  • Before planting coffee beans on the hills, saplings grow in special seed plots. The first harvest is gathered manually 3 years after the trees are planted;
  • The taste and flavor of the best Dominican coffee feature chocolate and exotic fruit notes because coffee trees grow under big fruit and cacao trees;
  • The majority of coffee production companies are family factories with their own traditions and attention to quality;
  • For a deep taste, coffee beans are dried in natural environment, in the sun, for the period of over 10 days, and shifted regularly.

Weather conditions allow for cultivation of coffee beans in the Dominican Republic all year round. The harvest is gathered from May to September.

A distinctive feature of coffee beans is their oblong shape and greenish blue tone.

Recipe for coffee preparation

The locals prepare coffee following a special recipe for the beverage to get a distinctive intense taste and flavor.

The Dominicans use the following recipe to make coffee:

  • Add a couple of spoons of ground coffee into boiling water;
  • Add a little bit of nutmeg;
  • Let the beverage rest for 2-3 minutes;
  • Filtrate through a cloth coffee filter.

There is also another recipe, where a pot with water and sugar is placed on a stovetop and taken to boil, and after that ground coffee is added.

Coffee varieties

Visiting the country for the first time, tourists do not know which variety of Dominican coffee to taste or take home as a souvenir. There are different varieties of coffee in different price segments – from economic to premium.

Popular varieties:

  • Barahona. Classic strong Arabica coffee with moderate acidity. It features chocolate, prune and spicy nut notes because coffee grows under nut and fruit trees.
  • Jarabacoa coffee is cultivated at the altitude of up to 1.5 thousand meters above the sea level in the region of Jarabacoa. It is classic 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Monte Alto coffee exists in 2 varieties: expresso and premium. The first variety is dark roast coffee used for coffee machine. Premium beans are of medium roast and used for brewing. The distinctive feature of this variety are nut and chocolate flavor notes without acidity.
  • Santo Domingo is a world-famous Dominican coffee. Robust and smooth, medium roast coffee beans with expressive deep taste and nut-chocolate notes. It is grown by a family company who has been producing coffee for over 70 years.

Other sorts of Dominican coffee are varieties of Santo Domingo, differentiated by the region and conditions of cultivation:

  • Pilon Coffee. Tender taste with rose and spicy herb notes;
  • Induban is valued for its tender taste with flower and milk cream notes;
  • Blasercafe Ocoa – prominently strong coffee with light bitter and pepper aftertaste.

Coffee can be the main drink on a wedding ceremony in a particular style. Happy People Wedding agency can organize ceremonies of different styles and formats. We are working with trustworthy wedding industry providers of the country: florists, photographers and musicians.

Our wedding planner will turn into reality your ideas of an ideal wedding, being available for you at all preparatory stages before and during the ceremony.

We think over each moment of your upcoming celebration, turning into reality ideas and dreams of an ideal wedding.


Visa to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an idyllic place on earth, with white-sand beaches and the turquoise-blue ocean, attractive for many tourists from all over the world. To avoid any inconveniences at the local airport, when passing the migration and customs control, and to make sure you have a blast during your stay in the country, gather information and learn if you need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic and how to get one.

Types of visa to enter the Dominican Republic

Types of visa to enter the Dominican RepublicVisitors from the USA, Canada and Europe do not need a visa of the Dominican Republic if the purpose of their visit is tourism and the duration of stay does not exceed one month. If you decide to stay in the country for a longer period, you can go to the local police office and get a permit of stay for up to but no longer than 3 months.

The Dominican Republic is not only a famous touristic destination. The country also hosts many cultural events and conferences with guests from different countries. Foreigners also come here to study at universities, work at local companies or run their own business.

Visa can be:

  • Touristic – gives a right to cross the border multiple times and participate in events organized in the country;
  • Student’s – for studying on the territory of the country;
  • Work – isprocessedafterconcludinganemploymentcontract with a Dominican employer-companyand getting an invitation;
  • Business – for a period of 2-6 months for business people running business on the territory of the country.

Price and terms of processing

Price and terms of processingThe Consulate is considering a visa request during 30 days. In emergencies, a visa permit can be issued in 7 days.

The price depends on the type of visa:

Type of visa Price, USD
Touristic: single / multiple 115 / 150
Student’s 150
Work: in the framework of a standard processing period/ urgent 190 / 250
For business: single / multiple 150 / 210


Must-know about a Dominican visa in 2020

The majority of tourists spend less than a month in the country and therefore, can stay in the Dominican Republic without visa. A touristic permit is included in the cost of your flight. There is no need to pay any fee at the airport upon arrival.

However, upon arrival, it is necessary to show to the migration service the following documents:

  • Passport that is valid during your whole stay and expires after the date of your departure;
  • Plane ticket back from the Dominican Republic;
  • Asarule, itisdistributedtopassengersonboardaplane. You have to fill it out with your personal data: full name, date of birth, airport of origin country, number of flight and your signature.

To extend your stay for a period of up to 90 days, you can go to the police department and pay a fee in local currency. Its cost is of $USD55.

If your purpose is not tourism or you are planning to visit the country multiple times, it is recommended to request a visa at the consulate of your country of residence. Visa processing takes 30 days. A multiple-entry permit is valid within 60 days.

Before submitting your documents to the consulate, make sure to have them translated into Spanish by a sworn and legal translator, duly signed and stamped.

What documents are required for visa application?

  • Foreignpassport, inoriginal, andacopy (onlyofthepageswithinformation, two pages on one sheet of paper);
  • Downloadaformfrom the website of the Consulate and fill it out;
  • Photo 4х5 cm, in color, with white single-color background;
  • Hotel reservation confirmation;
  • Round-trip airplane ticket;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Thedocumentshouldincludeyourcurrentworkpositionandsalary.
  • Bankcertificateprovingyour solvency, with the minimum of $USD1000 per person.

To get a student’s visa to study at Dominican universities, apart from the above-mentioned documents, it is necessary to submit an invitation from the university, an application and some other papers you will be informed of.

For underage applicants, it is required to provide a birth certificate. If an underage is travelling with only one of the parents or with a grandparent or any third party, make sure, you go to a notary to get a travel permit from one or both parents of the underage.

Special attention should be paid to processing of a multiple-entry visa. For such visa, it is necessary to write a letter requesting a visa, addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a famous destination for celebration of a wedding ceremony or a photoshoot. There are no special rules to obtain a visa in this case.

Visa to the Dominican Republic is the only thing you have to care about when planning your celebration with Happy People Wedding. All other organizational issues will be managed by our agency. We will create a fabulous ceremony in the most beautiful places of the island, considering wishes and desires of the newlyweds. We are working with only trustworthy providers, having chosen the best of the best professionals with a vast experience in wedding industry to organize a celebration of your dreams.

A wedding planner will be in charge of organization of your celebration at all stages. Their work includes selection of decoration, music, style, photographers and camera people. We are always in touch with the newlyweds during the preparations, ceremony celebration, and until they get retouched photos and edited videos.


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Wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic

Any wedding, even the simplest one, is a big deal, when you will have to provide fora number of details and work out a lot of aspects. A photo shoot will certainly take one of the central places in your long wedding planning list. And, believe me, you will never forget your wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic.

The experience that you get, of course, will greatly depend on the country you choose for your romantic day. Each option will have its pros and cons, but with regard to the visual image, the Dominican Republic will never disappoint you. The landscape of the island state seems to be created in order to make the perfect decoration for your photos!

Unforgettable moments spent with your loved one on the magnificent Dominican beaches will forever remain in vivid photos that will delight you for many years of your happy life together. And then, after decades, you will look at these beautiful pictures and remember how it was then – at the very beginning.

Natural light

What is the most important thing in photography? Ask any photographer and they will answer you that it is the right light. There has always been and will be plenty of light in the Dominican Republic, due to the sun on this tropical island that shines bright all year round.

For the same reason, your shooting is unlikely to shut down because of the bad weather. The bad weather in the Dominican Republic is extremely rare.
It would not be hard to choose the right time and place for a wedding photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, because the country with its beautiful places, azure water and white-sand beaches filled with sunlight will become your shooting area. Here, each couple easily finds a place that will become an excellent expression of a unique, innate character.
It is not for nothing that many creators of the best commercials prefer to work in the Dominican Republic. It is said that the famous advertisement of the Bountychocolate bars was shot right here! As it turned out, it is a perfect place to capture paradise pleasure.

Say «Patata!»

So, you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic and making plans for a gorgeous romantic photo shoot. Where to begin? First, you need a good photographer.

Of course, you can invite a friend and give him a fairly decent camera, but if you still want to get high-quality pictures and pleasant memories, it is better to appeal to professionals. There will be many of them.

Light outfits are suitable for a wedding photo shoot in the Caribbean, because in a humid and hot tropical climate it is important that you are comfortable on this special day!

You can read about wedding styles here.

We recommend girls to engage the services of a stylist. A professional will help to make sure that the salty sea wind does not ruin the hair and in each shot the beautiful bride is irresistible!
The main thing is not forget to smile! Here and in America in such cases it is said: “Cheeeese!”. And in Spanish there is another word for this – “Patata!”.It is edible too. It means “potato”.

Unforgettable memory

As we have already noticed, the sunny Caribbean island is a magnificent decoration for any romantic photo shoot and wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic. However, so that your memories remain unforgettable, you can choose some exotic places.

In this regard, the Dominican Republic will offer you a great variety. The country is abundant with magnificent white-sand beaches and clear water, ancient caves with real cave paintings, powerful waterfalls and other powerful natural wonders. The cities of the Dominican Republic have a rich history, which also creates excellent conditions for shooting.

Many tourists consider the island of Saona as an especially picturesque place, which idyllic landscapes have become a film set for countless famous and not very commercials.

Despite the popularity among tourists, you will not find any hotels on this island – their construction is strictly prohibited by local law. Only virgin beauty and real feelings, perhaps, the best place for such a thing as a wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic.

No less romantic place for a wedding photo shoot is Redonda Mountain. Photos taken on a soaring swing against a background of fantastic views of the mountains and the ocean are amazing!

One of the cheapest options for a wedding ceremony and photoshoot in the Dominican Republic is Macao Beach. This is a quite popular wild beach, with beautiful waves crashing on the rocks.

If you want nobody to interrupt your privacy, we recommend that you consider locations such as private beaches and gated complexes.

For example, onCabeza de Toro Beach, you will find not only white sand and clear sea, but also a lot of scenery, arranged especially for the photo shoot: a decorative pier, a boat, a swing, and more.

Juanillo Beach located in the gated complex of Cap Cana, is also famous for its beautiful landscapes.

Not for nothing, the millionaire and the powerful of this world have chosen this place! The decoration for a wedding photoshoot can be both a classic arch and a snow-white arbor on the pier. And the access to the port with luxury yachts will add some chic and luxury to your wedding photo!

If the soul wants something completely unusual and atmospheric, we advise you to pay attention to the Italian project Tracadero. A snow-white gazebo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by beautiful Italian-style architecture, will be the location for the photoshoot. Details here create a unique flavor: on the territory, there are several buildings with covered walkways and tropical gardens, several pools with islands and palm trees, spacious open rooms with sofas, a stone pier with a marina and much more.

We are sure that the wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic will not only meet but also exceed your expectations! The main thing is to trust the professionals who will help you capture the most tremulous and secret moments of your special day!


The Magic Dominican Republic for Two

The Dominican Republic is a paradise with white-sand beaches, the azure ocean, tall palm trees and its own special atmosphere. Many newlyweds often choose this country for their honeymoon and on-site wedding ceremony; loving couples prefer romantic trips to the Dominican Republic for two. Everything in the country contributes to a romantic mood.
The price for the Dominican Republic for two with a flight varies depending on the season, resort and hotel. You can choose both budget and luxury accommodation.
Before heading to the republic, we suggest that you take a look at the basic information that may be useful.

Climate and season

In the Dominican Republic, it is warm all year round: in winter the air warms up to + 26-30 degrees, and in summer it rises to +32 ºC. The climate is quite humid. From the beginning of May to the end of October, the period is considered to be “out of season”, since at this time it is most likely to rain.

Winter is the most popular time to visit the country, when there are freezing temperatures and it is snowing in our country, the sun is caressing, the sea is warm and it´s not raining in the republic. A good chance to have a cheap vacation is to go to the Dominican Republic in the fall. The beginning of the season, when the vacation price for two in the Dominican Republic is lower and the flow of tourists is not as high as in the middle of winter.

Which resort to go to in the Dominican Republic for a couple vacation

The whole country is a resort, while every corner has its own characteristics. Some cities are washed by the Caribbean Sea, and others by the Atlantic Ocean.

You can choose leisure options to satisfy any activity and interests:

  • Punta Cana and the famous resort of Bavaro. These are the most favorite tourist places. The most luxurious azure shores, framed by snow-white sands with rising coconut palms. Fabulous views and the highest service. Most of the hotels are of the luxury class and offer “all-inclusive with drinks”. The resort is a good place for tourists who come to enjoy a not hurried luxurious service and magical sea. Also, in Punta Cana there is entertainment for every taste: bars and restaurants, golf, jeep safari or surfing for extreme people and adventure seekers. The ocean invites you to enjoy diving and fishing. The vacation price for two to the Dominican Punta Cana is quite high, but it gives the most complete comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the exotic but well-groomed nature.
  • Puerto Plata is a good resort for those who like ancient architecture woven into exotic nature. It is not very comfortable to stay long in this part of the country: most of the hotels are old, and the beaches are not as snow-white as in other resorts. This area gained its popularity due to the production of multi-colored amber in the widest palette.
  • Bayahibe is a small fishing village with a marina. Here multiple trips to the islands as well as boat trips start.
  • Boca Chica is a place located thirty kilometers from Santo Domingo, the capital of the republic. It attracts with an opportunity to enjoy diving in a shallow lagoon with a beautiful coral reef and, of course, snow-white sand on the shore. The availability of Boca Chica for residents of the capital has affected the quality of service and hotel services. Therefore, there are many locals and few foreigners. The service is significantly worse than in famous Bavaro or Punta Cana.

Nuances of the flight

Собираемся в медовый месяцThe price of the Dominican Republic for two in 2020 usually includes the flight, hotel accommodation and transfer. There are various charter flights from most European and US cities. You can check information about flying time from each region with the carrier. For example, the way from Paris to Punta Cana directly will take about 9 hours. Most planes from Europe land in Punta Cana airport.

A visa is not required for European and US citizens; upon arrival, you only need to fill out a migration card at immigration controls.

Tourist attraction

Couple vacation is an occasion not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to discover new parts of the planet. The main attraction of the Dominican Republic is the nature for which travelers come here: snow-white beaches, bays and waterfalls.

One of the most popular excursions is a boat trip, which can have several variations:

  • Boat trip to the islands and bays with swimming time on the open sea;
  • Diving;
  • Deep sea fishing;
  • Foam discos and parties.

The Samana Peninsula is a place that attracts from January to March with the opportunity to watch whales. They come to the bay of Samana and quite often show themselves to people.

There are many wild beaches in the country, where there is no infrastructure and you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. It is difficult to get there on your own, only with a guided tour.

You can feel the charm of the country and touch history in the capital, Santo Domingo. In the city, you will find many attractions of ancient architecture, which will tell you about important events in the development of the republic.

On the territory of each five-star hotel, there is a lot of entertainment: bars, discos and vibrant shows.


Going on a trip for the first time, the question how much to take to the Dominican Republic arises. The amount depends on the format of your vacation. If you stay at the hotel, you will need money only for souvenirs and small expenses.

If you are going to travel around the country, hold a wedding ceremony or a photo shoot, you should know the approximate cost in advance and prepare the necessary amount.

The next point is which currency to take to the Dominican Republic. The currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. It is better to take US dollars: they are easily exchanged for pesos. Euros can cause difficulties. Many establishments accept US dollars, but give change in peso at a disadvantageous rate. Therefore, it is worth changing the money for the local currency in advance if you plan to go shopping, visit bars and restaurants.

Wedding and photo shoot

Many couples are attracted by the opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, formal or symbolic, without paperwork.

Most often, couples prefer a symbolic ceremony. The celebration can be held on a snow-white beach, among coconut trees or colonial architecture. Happypeoplewed Wedding Agency can help you organize your dream wedding.

Our goal is to pay attention to every detail to make the ceremony the best day of your life. We offer:

  • Individual planning based on expectations and preferences
  • Unlimited range of decoration designs
  • Choosing a wedding venue
  • Professional staff working all over the island
  • 24 hour support and answers to any questions.

We can help organize a wedding ceremony that you will never forget, and great photos will remind you of this fabulous day.

You can book a photo shoot to keep the precious memories of your vacation. The nature and romantic atmosphere of the island are suitable for any shooting:

  • Individual;
  • Family;
  • Love stories.

It is not always possible to make great photos during a couple vacation. The photographer will capture the most important and happy moments of the trip.

Couple vacation in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to spend time with your other half away from the hustle and bustle, gain strength and impressions until the next trip.


The best beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic attracts with its white sand, azure sea, palm trees and vacation in a pure heaven on earth. If you are going to visit this country for the first time, below you will find a list of the best Dominican Republic beaches and so choose the one that best suits your expectations

When is it best to vacation on the Dominican Republic beaches and the sea?

The tourist season in the region lasts from November to March. At this time, water and air warm up to a comfortable temperature and the weather is dry. It is hot and the sea is warm in the Republic all year round, but summer is often marked with tropical rains and typhoons that will not let you enjoy your sea holiday. This seasonality characterizes all beaches in the country. And which one to go to is up to you, based on your vacation expectations.

Bavaro beach

It is a paradise with endless snow-white sand and high palm trees, which is in great demand among tourists. It is considered the most noisy and crowded beach in the whole country. You can get there by taxi or rented car. The road to Bavaro does not take long, since it is located 15 km from Punta Cana International Airport.

Along the Dominican Bavaro beach, there is a rich infrastructure: hotels and restaurants from the average level to the premium one. They monitor the cleanliness of the territory. Despite regular cleaning, there are few algae along the coast that the ocean splashes out. Under the water, there is a coral reef with exotic inhabitants. Those who like scuba diving can enjoy enough exploring eye-catching inhabitants of the underwater world.

Bavaro beach is perfect for traveling with children: the waves are small and smooth here, and the entrance to the water is shallow. There is also a large area of shallow water where you can play with your child.

Along the coast, there are options for outdoor activities:

  • Jet ski and water rides;
  • Diving;
  • Parasailing;
  • Water parks with animators;
  • Bars and restaurants with a variety of dishes and drinks.

Rincon Beach

It is considered one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, but at the same time, it is most often empty and deserted. The reason is that you can get there only going on a guided tour, or on your own, covering a distance of about 5 km on foot. Once you get to the Rincon, you get the feeling that you have moved to one of the scenes of the Bounty advert. White sand, thousands of coconut palms and mountains.

The beach consists of 2 parts: the first one is more crowded, where excursion groups are brought. Of the infrastructure, you will find only sun loungers.

The second part is wild, the one that you can get to on your own trough the pathways. Views over the road are worth covering the distance on foot. There is no entertainment, only white sand, azure water and the beauty of nature. The entrance to the water is shallow, but algae and rocks can be found in some places.

Saona Beach

Saona is not just a snow-white beach in the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea, but a whole tropical island located near the city of Boca Chica. It is part of the Eastern National Park – a nature reserve called “Bounty Island”. There is no infrastructure, except small houses of local residents that are rented.

Travelers go to Saonanot only for the snow-white beach and palm trees. Other interesting places worth visiting here:

  • Natural pool with starfish – a small shallow area in the middle of the sea with gatherings of wildlife;
  • Mangrove swamps;
  • Caves;
  • Tropical forest with exotic birds and animals living there.

It’s impossible to get to the island on your own, only going on a guided tour.

Macao Beach

Are you looking for the pristine, exotic nature in its original form? The Dominican Republic Macao beach is what you need. It is one of the few “wild” beaches in the country, which has not been built up with hotels and other infrastructure.

The beach is located in the east of the country in the municipal area of Punta Cana, La Altagracia province. Besides wildlife lovers, it attracts surfers, as it does not have its own coral reef and will let enjoy the vast ocean.

Along Macao, there are 3 zones, each of which corresponds to a certain type of recreation:

  • The right side is a calm sea and many fishing boats. Here tourists can enjoy a relaxing vacation, sunbathing or breathing some sea air in the shade of trees and palm trees. Great for children thanks to the gentle entrance and shallow water. There is a cafe on site where you can enjoy drinks and seafood that are immediately caught by fishermen. There is also a barbecue area for those who want to cook seafood by themselves;
  • The central part is completely surrendered to a surf school. Here you can meet beginners who are just mastering this sport. There is also a cafe with food and drinks, vacationers can sunbathe and swim. This part is officially authorized for swimming, beach lifeguards are on site.
  • The left end of the beach is an ideal place for experienced surfers. A more active ocean and waves, allowing you to feel all the charm of riding a board. It’s also perfect for having a walk.

Such a division and extension allow you have the feeling of the complete unity with nature at Macao beach without a permanent presence of a large number of people. This is one of the reasons why many people choose this Dominican beach, located in the area of Punta Cana, for holding wedding ceremonies and romantic photo shoots.

It is forbidden to build hotels on the beach to maximally preserve the pristine beauty of nature. Punta Cana, with its accommodation options, is 30 km away. Visitors often reach Macao travelling in a tour group or by taxi and spend all day long on the beach.

The only disadvantage that can ruin the rest on this beach may be the lack of changing cabins and showers. But for most tourists, the wilderness and beauty of nature at Macao far exceed such nuances.

Bonito Beach

This beach is considered the main tourist attraction of the Samana Peninsula, located in its northern part. It is also the longest beach in the whole country – 12 km of fine golden sand with a shallow entrance to the water.

Bonito is a favorite place for those who like surfing and snorkeling and it has all the necessary infrastructure: cafes and bars with drinks and fresh seafood, sun loungers, changing cabins, showers and toilets. The length of the beach allows you to choose the least crowded area on it and enjoy your vacation feeling to become one with nature.

Las Ballenas Beach

This is another sight of the Samana Peninsula. People come here not for seacoast recreation. This beach is interesting for travelers because it provides an opportunity to watch humpback whales. The territory is a nature reserve and is protected, so you can only get it going on a guided tour. Whales congregate here from December to March, at other times it makes no sense to go to this beach, since the water and sand here are probably similar to Bonito.

The Dominican beaches are listed among the best. Wherever you come, the azure sea and warm, soft sand will meet you. The choice depends on the budget and infrastructure that you need for a good rest.


The Best Rums From The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic rums are one of the country’s calling cards, along with snow-white beaches, palm trees and the azure water of the Caribbean Sea. This locally manufactured beverage is world famous, so every tourist tastes it, even in small quantities. Bars and restaurants offer it in its purest form, or as part of numerous cocktails based on it.

The history of the Dominican rum

Since ancient times, rum was highly revered by pirates and sailors, who were often visiting the waters of the Caribbean Sea. When processing sugarcane, slaves noticed that fermented molasses turns into alcohol. Thus the history of the drink began, which is currently supplied to 30 countries. The list of the best rums of the Dominican Republic includes such brands as Bermudez, Barcelo and Brugal. Named after Don Erasmo Bermudez, Julian Barcelo and Don Andres Brugal, who in the 19th century created a special process of refining and distillation. They are considered the founders of the mass production of the drink.


The rum produced in Dominican Republic can be divided into 6 categories:

  • Silver or white. It has the least pronounced taste, and it is most often used in liquors and cocktails. Locals take it as medicine;
  • Golden. Such alcohol is prepared according to the classic recipe; the taste is brighter and more saturated. To give a special flavour, caramel or spices are added to the drink;
  • Dark rum in both taste and richness is most similar to the one produced in the country in the 19th century. This rum is consumed in its purest form, and can be added to pastries and meat dishes, giving them an exquisite taste and aroma.
  • “Premium”. The drink falls into this category if it is aged in an oak barrel for more than 5 years. The barrels are burnt from the inside, so that they give the drink a special richness and aroma. Such drink is usually consumed in its purest form and it’s got to be chilled.
  • Strong. A natural sugarcane product, with a strength of up to 75 degrees, is rarely used without additives. It is produced only in the Dominican Republic.
  • Flavored. When produced, flavoring and tropical juices are added to the composition, which make the drink weaker than in its classic version.

Popular brands

If you are visiting the country for the first time and don’t know which Dominican rum to buy, you should pay attention to the most popular brands produced by local companies.

Bermudez (Bermudez) – the drink is produced by the oldest and most famous company in the country with the same name, founded in 1852. Since 1927, it has the status of a national enterprise.

In supermarkets and specialized stores, you will find 2 types of the drink of this brand:

• Bermudez Aniversario – 12-year aging, exceptional quality and exquisite taste. Rich aroma with a touch of dry wood, roasted dried fruits and caramel flavours. Leaves a soft and pleasant aftertaste;

• Bermudez Don Armando – a classic 10-year-old rum. The aroma of caramel with citrus
flavours is complemented by a coffee and oak savor.
Brugal is another large Dominican company with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Over 100 years later, Brugal takes the 3rd place among the world exporters of rum.

It offers several types of the drink on the market:

  • SIGLO DE ORO – created on the basis of blending the best 8-year-old varieties and matured for more than 8 years for re-ripening. It is easy to recognize by its thick consistency, reminiscent of syrup, and the aroma of wood and dried fruits. Once the aroma is being revealed, a savor of dark smoked chocolate appears.
  • Brugal 1888 is distinguished by production technology. The first 8 years of aging take place in American oak barrels, followed by 6 years of repeated aging in European oak barrels. Owing to a specific process, rum acquires flavours of caramel, iris and wood in its taste and leaves a long sweet aftertaste.
  • Brugal XV is perfect for those who like soft rum. It is produced by blending 3-8 year old varieties in American oak barrels and 2-3 summer varieties in sherry barrels. As a result of the use of technology, a soft sweet taste with fruity flavours is obtained, leaving a long sweet aftertaste.

BRUGAL EXTRA VIEJO is a premium drink that has brought the company worldwide popularity. Elegant taste with vanilla, caramel and honey tones. For true connoisseurs and lovers of pepper aftertaste.

Barcelo (Barcelo) is a rum that has received worldwide fame and recognition. Locals consume it much in its pure form. The founder of the company Julian Barcelo created 3 types of drink: Blanco (white), Dorado (golden), Ron BarceloAnejo (aged).

The company’s most famous alcohol product was launched in 1980 – Barcelo Imperial. The Dominican rum Imperial received gold medals at international competitions and in 2000 and 2001 was recognized as the best 10-year-old rum, according to the Chicago Institute of Beverages.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release, Barcelo created the IMPERIAL PREMIUM BLEND. Production technology involves double ageing. First, old barrels of white American oak are used, in which the Imperial was aged. Then French oak barrels are used.

Oliver & Oliver – beverages produced by this company are just beginning to gain popularity and prestige at international exhibitions, but in the Dominican Republic they are already popular among tourists and local residents.

The company produces 4 brands:

  • UNHIQ XO – an exclusive premium segment 25-year-old drink. The price for this rum in the Dominican Republic is quite high, but is justified by its unique taste with flavours of raisins and dates. Alcohol content 42%.
  • CUBANEY CENTENARIO has a creamy texture, vanilla flavour and fruity sensations. It is aged from 25 to 30 years.
  • PUNTA CANA BLACK – a special type of dark rum, in the creation of which various spices and herbs are used to give an exquisite taste and aroma. It is aged from 12 to 15 years. Due to its sweetness, it is often mixed with soft drinks, such as cola.

How much does rum cost in the Dominican Republic

The beverage price depends on the manufacturer, type and aging. However, the same bottle may cost differently depending on the place where it is purchased.
It is recommended to buy Dominican rum in supermarkets, rather than in specialized stores. Prices start at $ 10. The cost of premium alcohol, for example, Barcelo Imperial can reach up to $ 40-50 per bottle. But this do not stop those who really appreciate rum.

If you plan to bring Dominican rum as a gift to your relatives or friends, it is worth clarifying the customs export & import regulations about alcohol beverages so that there are no problems at the airport.

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Wedding in the Dominican Republic from A to Z

Every year, more and more couples want to celebrate the most important event of their life somewhere abroad to keep this milestone in their memory for the rest of their life. One of the favorite destinations of the couples is the Caribbean region, in particular the Dominican Republic. A wedding in the Dominican Republic is a decision you will never regret. One of the most important advantages of the wedding in the Dominican Republic is a freedom to choose any day of the year for this event, without waiting for good weather – it is always amazing in the Caribbean!

Why do people choose the wedding in the Dominican Republic more and more often?

Apart from its famous picturesque tropical views, the Dominican Republic also boasts the following advantages for celebration of a wedding ceremony:

  • Exotic landscapes (white-sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise-blue transparent water of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable sunsets) in a private setting for your couple;
  • Opportunity to combine a wedding with a honeymoon;
  • Not traditional celebration;
  • Opportunity to celebrate a wedding in any time of the year;
  • Perfect weather is guaranteed;
  • Unusual wedding photos;
  • Affordable cost (a wedding in the Dominican Republic may be more budget-friendly than in many other countries. It may be related to the fact that not so many guests will be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, thus you will have to spend less on food and other things).

Wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

When your couple has become sure to celebrate the wedding on the islands, there is only one step left: to inquire about the cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Many couples give up their dream thinking that this type of wedding is too expensive for them. However, the prices vary depending on the type of the wedding ceremony you choose and the location for wedding celebration.

There are 2 possible options:

  1. Official marriage in the Dominican Republic
  2. Symbolic wedding ceremony

It is worth mentioning that an official marriage is not as popular as an unofficial wedding celebration because first, it is much more expensive, and second, it requires more hustle and bustle with the documents.

The symbolic ceremony is celebrated differently by various wedding agents.

We organize ceremonies that last for about 20-25 minutes and include:

  • vows of the bride and the bridegroom;
  • exchange of rings;
  • sand ceremony;
  • signing a wedding certificate;
  • festive opening of a bottle of champagne and congratulations

To make sure the wedding celebration is ideal, it is worth considering some details related to the décor and attires of future newlyweds:

  • Hot weather with the temperature over 30C is not comfortable for a bride in a big poofy dress. That is why it is recommended choosing light attires: sundresses and body wraps;
  • A classical bridegroom suit does not look good with such décor and setting. That is why it is better to choose light trousers and a shirt. Try different colors and add accessories (a hat, braces, bow tie, and waistcoat);
  • As for footwear, opt for decorated sandals. Thus, you won’t step barefoot on hot sand, and your couple will look elegant;
  • Choose several attires for a photo shoot: one for a ceremony and another for a love-story thematic photo shoot: thus, you will get pictures of you in different styles;
  • High humidity that may affect the hairstyle and the make-up of the bride. To avoid unexpected “surprises”, it is strongly recommended using stylist’s services;
  • Legal issues: if you want to celebrate an official wedding, it requires much time and preparation of documents in advance.

Organizing a wedding in the Dominican Republic

Choosing a wedding dress, a style of the ceremony, and a design of the invitations is only a minor part of a long preparation for the wedding ceremony that a bride and a bridegroom go through. You can plan your ceremony on your own, but it is not always easy. That is why to maintain your enthusiasm, save time and – what is most important – stay calm, entrust organization of your wedding celebration to professionals and cherish a wonderful time before this important event.

The cost of services of a wedding planner varies depending on preferences of your couple and starts from USD600. By the way, an important advantage of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to combine a ceremony with a honeymoon.

In this case, the sum of approximately USD5000 covers:

  • Flight to the Dominican Republic for two
  • One-week stay at an all-inclusive hotel for your couple
  • Wedding package at one of the locations offered

Each wedding package includes all you need for a bright and unforgettable ceremony:

  • Location rental;
  • Shuttle;
  • 2 hours of professional photo shoot;
  • Arch, decorations, laying the table, a bride’s bouquet and a bridegroom’s buttonhole in the style of the ceremony chosen by you from our catalogue;
  • Sand ceremony symbolizing unity and love;
  • Bottle of champagne and festive glasses for the newlyweds.

Apart from the wedding ceremony, in the Dominican Republic you can organize a stag night, a bachelorette party or a quiet romantic night.

Anyway, you will get everything you have been dreaming about:

  • Arch of an unusual form;
  • Bride’s bouquet  made of fruit or very bright flowers;
  • Live music;
  • Shuttle to the wedding location on a bright cabriolet, retro-car, helicopter or horse;
  • Wedding cake in the style of your ceremony;
  • Romantic dinner on the beach beside the ocean;
  • Stylist’s services for the bride and the bridegroom.

It is important to remember that the cost of a wedding abroad is usually given for the couple only, not including invitees. That is why a basic wedding package usually does not include a price of a banquet hall and hotel rooms. The cost of these services is calculated additionally depending on your preferences and the number of invitees. We recommend confirming with your wedding planner which services are included in your package and which should be paid separately so that nothing spoils your wedding day.

Wedding is not only an important milestone in the relations between a man and a woman but also a beautiful celebration of love. The Dominican Republic is an ideal place to make all your dreams come true and keep this day in your heart as the most amazing and unforgettable event in your life.

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Wedding flowers – create a fairy-tale for your couple!

Wedding is a special event highly anticipated with awe and wonder by all sweethearts. Everyone wants this day to be ideal and remembered as the happiest and brightest day of their life. This can be achieved with flower decor of your wedding: flowers will certainly make your ceremony very tender and exquisite.

Staying on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in sunlight you may feel that it is all you need to feel happy on this special day, however, decorating your wedding with flowers will make the ceremony more solemn and exquisite. Wedding flowers give new hints even to classical images of the newlyweds, always when bright flower elements are present in a wedding arch, a bride’s bouquet, and flower compositions along the aisle to the altar.

Planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, remember that floristry requires special attention. You can choose flower décor for your wedding when looking at the pictures of flower compositions that were used at your friends’ or relatives’ wedding ceremonies. Thus, you will be able to decide what wedding flowers and what bride’s bouquet you want to see in your wedding photos. However, mind that fresh flowers are not the best variant for a wedding beside the sea. Due to a high humidity level and the very hot sun, fresh flowers decorating your wedding arch will fade very fast and won’t look like at the moment when you chose them. That is why, if you want to have really bright pictures, we recommend decorating the arch with a mix of artificial flowers with ribbons of similar tones.

Flower bouquet for a wedding. What flowers to choose?

The beauty and uniqueness of every bride can be highlighted with a flower bouquet. It allows expressing the bride’s character, and even a regular dress will look special with a flower bouquet. You can choose both traditional and exotic variants of flowers that can be found only on the islands. To point out your uniqueness even more, use accessories (ribbons, jewelry and even marine-themed seashells).

The Dominican Republic fascinates tourists with its bright tropical landscapes created by a variety of flowers growing here. Among them there is guzmania (tufted airplant) – a plant with a bright bud consisting of orange, yellow, scarlet, coral and claret red bracts in the center and green leaves around it. Vriesea is also a green-leaf plant with a bright red rosette in the center. Aechmea is a flower growing on the trees and resembling a bright bird or a splash of intensive colors.

Meantime, the flower the Dominicans are most proud of is a charming orchid. One of its varieties – tiger orchid – is very interesting. It deserved its name because of an unusual color of its flowers. Singapore orchid (vanda) also boasts exquisite, showy, intensely bright colors.
It is worth paying special attention to well-known but at the same time unfamiliar to us plants. For example, calla seems to be known by everyone, however, it is still rarely used for wedding celebrations, although it perfectly highlights elegance of the bride. Vanilla fragrance is common and popular since long ago, but many people do not even guess that it comes from the seeds if the vanilla orchid. It is used not only in fragrances and cooking, but also widely employed in décor: its tender flowers represent the perfection of pastel tones: yellow, snow-white and light-green. Besides, many people have heard of the passion fruit as edible fruit, but only few have seen the blossom of this plant: its flowers resemble a small explosion of several colors spread all around – each flower mesmerizes you so that you want to observe it again and again.

No matter which wedding you prefer: classical traditional or unusual exotic – wedding flowers will serve as an exotic accent that will embody and express the authentic character of your couple.

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Wedding On The Islands – and may the whole world wait!

You and your better half are an ideal couple, a model to follow for all your friends and acquaintances, and you have finally decided to become one whole and start your family life. Seems to be a logical culmination of your relations, but… it is just the beginning. And here we mean not only the beginning of a long and happy family life but also preparations for the wedding. They are as important as the celebration itself, and a bride and a bridegroom spend a lot of time and effort so that their wedding celebration be ideal. Future newlyweds face many questions from the very beginning: how many guests will come to the celebration? Who should be among the invitees? Where to find and order all the necessary things?

However, all these things are important only when the main question is answered: WHERE should this amazing celebration of your family creation take place? One can follow traditions of their native land and, as they do in Russia, for example, after a ritual of the bride price and drinking champagne out of the bride’s shoe, the newlyweds spend a day with numerous (often even unfamiliar) relatives in a restaurant, where a master of ceremony is waiting with a funny entertainment program for all the invitees.

At the same time, today many couples prefer a quiet wedding ceremony, a kind of a romantic fairy-tale for two, with emotions that they will keep in their hearts for the rest of their life. If you and your better half dream of starting your family life inspired by ideal Instagram pictures of the newlyweds, there is nothing better than a wedding on the islands for this dream to come true. It is unusual, exotic and will obviously become a bright memento in your life.

If you are dreaming or a fairy-tale whose main characters are you and your better half, if you want to wake up and feel the fresh ocean breeze, if you want to run barefoot together, hand in hand, along the white-sand beach, say “yes” to each other with the roar of the waves in the background, and fall asleep observing the most beautiful sunset, a wedding on the islands is an ideal choice for a new stage of your love story.

Some of the most popular destinations of the last years are Caribbean islands, in particular the Dominican Republic. One of the first and foremost advantages of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is the perfect weather throughout the year that allows setting a wedding date on any day.

Why do people choose the Dominican Republic as a wedding destination more and more often?

  • Exoticbeaches(white-sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise-blue transparent waves of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable sunsets and sunrises) only for your couple;
  • Opportunity to combine a wedding with a honeymoon;
  • Not traditional celebration;
  • Opportunity to celebrate a wedding in any time of the year;
  • Perfect weather is guaranteed;
  • Original weddingphotos;
  • Reasonablecost: wedding the Dominican Republic maybe more budget-friendly than many other countries. It may be related to the fact that not so many guests will be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, thus you will have to spend less on food and other things.

It is worth mentioning that preparing for a celebration, the newlyweds have to consider some details so that unexpected circumstances do not spoil their wedding:

  • Hot weather with temperatures above 30 degrees does not suit the bride in a large magnificent dress. That’s why it is recommended to choose light clothing: sundresses and wraps;
  • High humidity that may affect the hairstyle and the make-up of the bride. To avoid unexpected “surprises”, it is strongly recommended to use stylist’s services;
  • Legalissues: if you want to celebrate an official wedding, it requires much time and preparation of documents in advance.

To learn more about the weather in the Dominican Republic, read this article.

Organizing a wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Choosing a wedding dress, a style of the ceremony, and a design of the invitations is only a minor part of a long preparation for the wedding ceremony that a bride and a bridegroom go through. To maintain your enthusiasm, save time and – what is most important – stay calm, entrust organization of your wedding celebration to professionals and cherish a wonderful time before this important event.

By the way, if you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, I am here to help you – just contact me for further details!

Once you have decided to celebrate your wedding on the beach beside the ocean, with its fresh breeze and soft sunlight, there is only one step left: to inquire about the cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Many couples give up their dream thinking that this type of wedding is too expensive for them. However, the prices vary depending on the type of the wedding ceremony you choose and the location for celebration.

There are 2 possible variants of the wedding: an official marriage in the Dominican Republic or a symbolic wedding ceremony. It is worth mentioning that an official marriage is not as popular as an unofficial wedding celebration because first, it is much more expensive, and second, it requires more hustle and bustle with the documents.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose wedding packages for twoand see that your dream does not cost much and you can find offers from only $600.

Best places for a wedding in the Dominican Republic:

  • «Macao»Beach – a budget-friendly option on a public beach, meaning that you won’t be alone on the beach, but will be able to enjoy the beauty of the chosen location;
  • «CabezadeToro»Beach – a small private beach where you can celebrate a ceremony in a private setting, without other people, and take pictures with special decorations (a pier, a swing and a palm tree grove);
  • «Los Establos»elitehorseclub – an original location without an ocean view, but ideal for not ordinary couples who imagine their wedding near a waterfall or on horses riding along vast meadows;
  • Cap Cana private gated complex– one of the most beautiful locations of Punta Cana for sophisticated couples, with views over the pier, the Caribbean Sea, and access to luxurious yachts;
  • «Saona»Island – for adventure lovers, since it is not only a wedding but also a real sea trip! On Saona Island, you and your better half will participate in a photo shoot on a private beach closed for tourists, and then will celebrate a fantastic wedding ceremony;
  • «Tracadero» Restaurant – incredibly beautiful Italian project with tropical gardens, a swimming pool and islets, palm trees and a stone pier for those who prefer an elegant style and luxury;
  • Redonda Mountain – amazing and picturesque location with a “winged swing” and an impressive view over the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains.

May the fairy-tale enter your life; enjoy each moment while we are doing our best to make this important day unforgettable for you!

Our offers for couples include:

  • Locationrentalfor your wedding ceremony;
  • Shuttle;
  • 2 hours of professional photo session;
  • Arch, decorations, laying the table, a bride’s bouquet and a bridegroom’s buttonhole in the style of the ceremony chosen by you from our catalogue;
  • Bottle of champagne and festive glasses for the newlyweds;
  • Specialoffer – sandceremony symbolizing unity and love.

Additionally You can order:

  • Dresses and tunics with a tail for unique pictures
  • Horse for a photo shoot
  • Wedding cake, cupcakes, candy bar in the style of the ceremony
  • Decorations made of fresh flowers
  • Wedding dinner for your couple
  • Ford Mustang or retro car rental services
  • Stylist’s services
  • Live music
  • Video clip of your wedding
  • Official registration of your marriage

By the way, if you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, I will be happy to help you! Contact us!

Leave behind your daily routine and start your family life in the most beautiful way: only you, your better half, and the ocean, unlimited just like your family happiness. And may the whole world wait!

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Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

A wedding ceremony is a celebration associated with significant expenses. Not everyone can sacrifice his or her budget for a big celebration. That is why it is important to elaborate a wedding budget correctly so that the celebration does not produce a harmful impact on the financial standing of your young family.

The wedding budget includes many components.

1. Bride’s apparel

First, the bride should decide if her dress is to be tailor-made or ready-to-wear. Renting a dress is the most budget-friendly solution. Tailor-made dresses are usually much more expensive. However, if some of your friend or relatives can sew a dress for you, you will only have to buy fabric and other necessary items. As a result, you will get an exclusive dress tailor-made for you that will fit you well and will give a unique touch to your original wedding.

The must-have list also includes a veil/headpiece, gloves, shoes, garter, stockings, and accessories. Although at first sight these items seem to cost just a penny, they lead to significant expenses.

As for the hairstyle, here you have to choose what you really want: save time or money? If you want the former, just invite a stylist to your home. If you prefer the latter, you will have to go to a beauty salon early in the morning to have enough time for styling your hair. There, you can also get your make-up. We highly recommend using the services of a make-up artist, since on such an important day, any bride feels excited and can hardly create an ideal make-up on her own.

2. Bridegroom’s apparel

It is better to buy a shirt, a tie and a suit in one shop. You may get a good discount for a big purchase. A tailor-made attire for the bridegroom is necessary when the bridegroom’s body is not standard and it is hard to choose ready-to-wear clothes.

3. Engagement rings

Since engagement rings are chosen for the rest of one’s life, it is important to consider this fact when selecting them. It is not a good idea to experiment with engagement rings and buy some extraordinary or fashionable rings thatwill get outdated in a few years. It is better to opt for classical rings made of gold or silver. The price of rings depends on the quality of metal and presence of engraving.

4. Bride’s bouquet and bridegroom’s buttonhole

The price of the bouquet and the buttonhole that are designed in the same style depends on the choice of flowers, design, technology and complexity of work. Consider variants suggested by several florists to choose the most budget-friendly offer.

5. Wedding invitations

Your original wedding deserves to be exclusive, and it should be reflected in each element of the wedding, starting from invitations. If you do not want to spend money on them, feel free to invite close relatives and friends in person or by phone. As for the guests coming from far away and special invitees, send them invitations. A beautiful and unique design of the invitation cards is very important, since the guests will keep them as a memento of your celebration.

6. Wedding cake

Multi-tiered wedding cakes are quite expensive, but the cake is a must-have element of any wedding. Besides, traditional wedding ceremonies often feature such symbolic elements as loaves of bread.

7. Wedding cortege

To save money on this article of your wedding budget, you can rent cars of your relatives or close friends. Undoubtedly, you know somebody who has beautiful cars. However, if there are many guests who will accompany you, you might need to rent a bus for them.

As for the décor of your transportation means, you can adorn the cars on your own or if your budget allows it, use the services of professional decorators.

8. Banquet hall

wedding in lavenderIf you are on a tight budget, decide what is more important for you: a table full of exquisite food in a modestly decorated hall or simple food in a hall elaborately decorated with fresh flowers, fabric elements and balloons.

9. Wedding photoshoot and video

The services or professional photographers and camera operators are quite expensive. However, an original wedding is such a unique event that leaves many beautiful memories.

Your emotions captured in photos and the wedding video will remind you of your unique wedding whenever you look at them. The price range for professional photo and video services depends on the quality of equipment, professionalism and fame of photographer, presence of assistants if necessary, and additional pre-wedding session called “Love Story”.

10. Wedding leader

It is hard to imagine a celebration without dancing and entertainment. A professional Master of Ceremonies will help organize contests and games for your guests and keep the celebration running smoothly. To make sure your guests do not get bored just sitting at the table and eating for hours, hire musicians to your liking, who will entertain the guests with songs and pleasant melodies.

11. Extra things

If after elaborating your budget you have some money left, you can spend it on fireworks, fire-show, performance of dancers and other extra elements of your wedding program.

12. Honeymoon

If you want to spend your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, but your budget is tight for this, there is a solution! Don’t forget about the wedding gifts that your guests are preparing for you. You can ask them beforehand to give you money as a gift so that you spend it on your honeymoon.

13. Where to get money for wedding?

If you do not manage to save enough money for your wedding on your own and your parents cannot help you out, there are other solutions to this challenge. You can take out a loan. It is quite easy: you just need your ID, earnings certificate and a couple of other documents depending on the country where you request a loan and your bank requirements. Many banks even offer special wedding loans with convenient terms for the newlyweds.

You may also do without the earnings certificate if you request a loan in a credit union. However, the interest rate is much higher there. But the loans are usually approved quickly and easily.

It is also possible to use the services of a pawnshop where you can pawn personal property in exchange for money. You will get your property back when your return the loan from the money given as a gift by your guests. Make sure you carefully read the contract with the pawnshop before signing it to safeguard yourself from possible hardships.

A loan is not the right solution for you if:

  • You are not sure your marriage will be strong
  • Your income is not stable
  • You are planning for a baby
  • You want to pawn your lodging

It is better to organize a modest family wedding than run an unjustified and big risk of money loss.

By the way, if you are planning to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you, contact us!