Wedding in the Dominican Republic. Organization of a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Photo and video shooting, beautiful decor and transfer from the hotel.

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Wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic

Any wedding, even the simplest one, is a big deal, when you will have to provide fora number of details and work out a lot of aspects. A photo shoot will certainly take one of the central places in your long wedding planning list. And, believe me, you will never forget your wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic.

The experience that you get, of course, will greatly depend on the country you choose for your romantic day. Each option will have its pros and cons, but with regard to the visual image, the Dominican Republic will never disappoint you. The landscape of the island state seems to be created in order to make the perfect decoration for your photos!

Unforgettable moments spent with your loved one on the magnificent Dominican beaches will forever remain in vivid photos that will delight you for many years of your happy life together. And then, after decades, you will look at these beautiful pictures and remember how it was then – at the very beginning.

Natural light

What is the most important thing in photography? Ask any photographer and they will answer you that it is the right light. There has always been and will be plenty of light in the Dominican Republic, due to the sun on this tropical island that shines bright all year round.

For the same reason, your shooting is unlikely to shut down because of the bad weather. The bad weather in the Dominican Republic is extremely rare.
It would not be hard to choose the right time and place for a wedding photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, because the country with its beautiful places, azure water and white-sand beaches filled with sunlight will become your shooting area. Here, each couple easily finds a place that will become an excellent expression of a unique, innate character.
It is not for nothing that many creators of the best commercials prefer to work in the Dominican Republic. It is said that the famous advertisement of the Bountychocolate bars was shot right here! As it turned out, it is a perfect place to capture paradise pleasure.

Say «Patata!»

So, you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic and making plans for a gorgeous romantic photo shoot. Where to begin? First, you need a good photographer.

Of course, you can invite a friend and give him a fairly decent camera, but if you still want to get high-quality pictures and pleasant memories, it is better to appeal to professionals. There will be many of them.

Light outfits are suitable for a wedding photo shoot in the Caribbean, because in a humid and hot tropical climate it is important that you are comfortable on this special day!

You can read about wedding styles here.

We recommend girls to engage the services of a stylist. A professional will help to make sure that the salty sea wind does not ruin the hair and in each shot the beautiful bride is irresistible!
The main thing is not forget to smile! Here and in America in such cases it is said: “Cheeeese!”. And in Spanish there is another word for this – “Patata!”.It is edible too. It means “potato”.

Unforgettable memory

As we have already noticed, the sunny Caribbean island is a magnificent decoration for any romantic photo shoot and wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic. However, so that your memories remain unforgettable, you can choose some exotic places.

In this regard, the Dominican Republic will offer you a great variety. The country is abundant with magnificent white-sand beaches and clear water, ancient caves with real cave paintings, powerful waterfalls and other powerful natural wonders. The cities of the Dominican Republic have a rich history, which also creates excellent conditions for shooting.

Many tourists consider the island of Saona as an especially picturesque place, which idyllic landscapes have become a film set for countless famous and not very commercials.

Despite the popularity among tourists, you will not find any hotels on this island – their construction is strictly prohibited by local law. Only virgin beauty and real feelings, perhaps, the best place for such a thing as a wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic.

No less romantic place for a wedding photo shoot is Redonda Mountain. Photos taken on a soaring swing against a background of fantastic views of the mountains and the ocean are amazing!

One of the cheapest options for a wedding ceremony and photoshoot in the Dominican Republic is Macao Beach. This is a quite popular wild beach, with beautiful waves crashing on the rocks.

If you want nobody to interrupt your privacy, we recommend that you consider locations such as private beaches and gated complexes.

For example, onCabeza de Toro Beach, you will find not only white sand and clear sea, but also a lot of scenery, arranged especially for the photo shoot: a decorative pier, a boat, a swing, and more.

Juanillo Beach located in the gated complex of Cap Cana, is also famous for its beautiful landscapes.

Not for nothing, the millionaire and the powerful of this world have chosen this place! The decoration for a wedding photoshoot can be both a classic arch and a snow-white arbor on the pier. And the access to the port with luxury yachts will add some chic and luxury to your wedding photo!

If the soul wants something completely unusual and atmospheric, we advise you to pay attention to the Italian project Tracadero. A snow-white gazebo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by beautiful Italian-style architecture, will be the location for the photoshoot. Details here create a unique flavor: on the territory, there are several buildings with covered walkways and tropical gardens, several pools with islands and palm trees, spacious open rooms with sofas, a stone pier with a marina and much more.

We are sure that the wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic will not only meet but also exceed your expectations! The main thing is to trust the professionals who will help you capture the most tremulous and secret moments of your special day!

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Wedding in the Dominican Republic from A to Z

Every year, more and more couples want to celebrate the most important event of their life somewhere abroad to keep this milestone in their memory for the rest of their life. One of the favorite destinations of the couples is the Caribbean region, in particular the Dominican Republic. A wedding in the Dominican Republic is a decision you will never regret. One of the most important advantages of the wedding in the Dominican Republic is a freedom to choose any day of the year for this event, without waiting for good weather – it is always amazing in the Caribbean!

Why do people choose the wedding in the Dominican Republic more and more often?

Apart from its famous picturesque tropical views, the Dominican Republic also boasts the following advantages for celebration of a wedding ceremony:

  • Exotic landscapes (white-sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise-blue transparent water of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable sunsets) in a private setting for your couple;
  • Opportunity to combine a wedding with a honeymoon;
  • Not traditional celebration;
  • Opportunity to celebrate a wedding in any time of the year;
  • Perfect weather is guaranteed;
  • Unusual wedding photos;
  • Affordable cost (a wedding in the Dominican Republic may be more budget-friendly than in many other countries. It may be related to the fact that not so many guests will be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, thus you will have to spend less on food and other things).

Wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

When your couple has become sure to celebrate the wedding on the islands, there is only one step left: to inquire about the cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Many couples give up their dream thinking that this type of wedding is too expensive for them. However, the prices vary depending on the type of the wedding ceremony you choose and the location for wedding celebration.

There are 2 possible options:

  1. Official marriage in the Dominican Republic
  2. Symbolic wedding ceremony

It is worth mentioning that an official marriage is not as popular as an unofficial wedding celebration because first, it is much more expensive, and second, it requires more hustle and bustle with the documents.

The symbolic ceremony is celebrated differently by various wedding agents.

We organize ceremonies that last for about 20-25 minutes and include:

  • vows of the bride and the bridegroom;
  • exchange of rings;
  • sand ceremony;
  • signing a wedding certificate;
  • festive opening of a bottle of champagne and congratulations

To make sure the wedding celebration is ideal, it is worth considering some details related to the décor and attires of future newlyweds:

  • Hot weather with the temperature over 30C is not comfortable for a bride in a big poofy dress. That is why it is recommended choosing light attires: sundresses and body wraps;
  • A classical bridegroom suit does not look good with such décor and setting. That is why it is better to choose light trousers and a shirt. Try different colors and add accessories (a hat, braces, bow tie, and waistcoat);
  • As for footwear, opt for decorated sandals. Thus, you won’t step barefoot on hot sand, and your couple will look elegant;
  • Choose several attires for a photo shoot: one for a ceremony and another for a love-story thematic photo shoot: thus, you will get pictures of you in different styles;
  • High humidity that may affect the hairstyle and the make-up of the bride. To avoid unexpected “surprises”, it is strongly recommended using stylist’s services;
  • Legal issues: if you want to celebrate an official wedding, it requires much time and preparation of documents in advance.

Organizing a wedding in the Dominican Republic

Choosing a wedding dress, a style of the ceremony, and a design of the invitations is only a minor part of a long preparation for the wedding ceremony that a bride and a bridegroom go through. You can plan your ceremony on your own, but it is not always easy. That is why to maintain your enthusiasm, save time and – what is most important – stay calm, entrust organization of your wedding celebration to professionals and cherish a wonderful time before this important event.

The cost of services of a wedding planner varies depending on preferences of your couple and starts from USD600. By the way, an important advantage of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to combine a ceremony with a honeymoon.

In this case, the sum of approximately USD5000 covers:

  • Flight to the Dominican Republic for two
  • One-week stay at an all-inclusive hotel for your couple
  • Wedding package at one of the locations offered

Each wedding package includes all you need for a bright and unforgettable ceremony:

  • Location rental;
  • Shuttle;
  • 2 hours of professional photo shoot;
  • Arch, decorations, laying the table, a bride’s bouquet and a bridegroom’s buttonhole in the style of the ceremony chosen by you from our catalogue;
  • Sand ceremony symbolizing unity and love;
  • Bottle of champagne and festive glasses for the newlyweds.

Apart from the wedding ceremony, in the Dominican Republic you can organize a stag night, a bachelorette party or a quiet romantic night.

Anyway, you will get everything you have been dreaming about:

  • Arch of an unusual form;
  • Bride’s bouquet  made of fruit or very bright flowers;
  • Live music;
  • Shuttle to the wedding location on a bright cabriolet, retro-car, helicopter or horse;
  • Wedding cake in the style of your ceremony;
  • Romantic dinner on the beach beside the ocean;
  • Stylist’s services for the bride and the bridegroom.

It is important to remember that the cost of a wedding abroad is usually given for the couple only, not including invitees. That is why a basic wedding package usually does not include a price of a banquet hall and hotel rooms. The cost of these services is calculated additionally depending on your preferences and the number of invitees. We recommend confirming with your wedding planner which services are included in your package and which should be paid separately so that nothing spoils your wedding day.

Wedding is not only an important milestone in the relations between a man and a woman but also a beautiful celebration of love. The Dominican Republic is an ideal place to make all your dreams come true and keep this day in your heart as the most amazing and unforgettable event in your life.

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Wedding On The Islands – and may the whole world wait!

You and your better half are an ideal couple, a model to follow for all your friends and acquaintances, and you have finally decided to become one whole and start your family life. Seems to be a logical culmination of your relations, but… it is just the beginning. And here we mean not only the beginning of a long and happy family life but also preparations for the wedding. They are as important as the celebration itself, and a bride and a bridegroom spend a lot of time and effort so that their wedding celebration be ideal. Future newlyweds face many questions from the very beginning: how many guests will come to the celebration? Who should be among the invitees? Where to find and order all the necessary things?

However, all these things are important only when the main question is answered: WHERE should this amazing celebration of your family creation take place? One can follow traditions of their native land and, as they do in Russia, for example, after a ritual of the bride price and drinking champagne out of the bride’s shoe, the newlyweds spend a day with numerous (often even unfamiliar) relatives in a restaurant, where a master of ceremony is waiting with a funny entertainment program for all the invitees.

At the same time, today many couples prefer a quiet wedding ceremony, a kind of a romantic fairy-tale for two, with emotions that they will keep in their hearts for the rest of their life. If you and your better half dream of starting your family life inspired by ideal Instagram pictures of the newlyweds, there is nothing better than a wedding on the islands for this dream to come true. It is unusual, exotic and will obviously become a bright memento in your life.

If you are dreaming or a fairy-tale whose main characters are you and your better half, if you want to wake up and feel the fresh ocean breeze, if you want to run barefoot together, hand in hand, along the white-sand beach, say “yes” to each other with the roar of the waves in the background, and fall asleep observing the most beautiful sunset, a wedding on the islands is an ideal choice for a new stage of your love story.

Some of the most popular destinations of the last years are Caribbean islands, in particular the Dominican Republic. One of the first and foremost advantages of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is the perfect weather throughout the year that allows setting a wedding date on any day.

Why do people choose the Dominican Republic as a wedding destination more and more often?

  • Exoticbeaches(white-sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise-blue transparent waves of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable sunsets and sunrises) only for your couple;
  • Opportunity to combine a wedding with a honeymoon;
  • Not traditional celebration;
  • Opportunity to celebrate a wedding in any time of the year;
  • Perfect weather is guaranteed;
  • Original weddingphotos;
  • Reasonablecost: wedding the Dominican Republic maybe more budget-friendly than many other countries. It may be related to the fact that not so many guests will be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, thus you will have to spend less on food and other things.

It is worth mentioning that preparing for a celebration, the newlyweds have to consider some details so that unexpected circumstances do not spoil their wedding:

  • Hot weather with temperatures above 30 degrees does not suit the bride in a large magnificent dress. That’s why it is recommended to choose light clothing: sundresses and wraps;
  • High humidity that may affect the hairstyle and the make-up of the bride. To avoid unexpected “surprises”, it is strongly recommended to use stylist’s services;
  • Legalissues: if you want to celebrate an official wedding, it requires much time and preparation of documents in advance.

To learn more about the weather in the Dominican Republic, read this article.

Organizing a wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Choosing a wedding dress, a style of the ceremony, and a design of the invitations is only a minor part of a long preparation for the wedding ceremony that a bride and a bridegroom go through. To maintain your enthusiasm, save time and – what is most important – stay calm, entrust organization of your wedding celebration to professionals and cherish a wonderful time before this important event.

By the way, if you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, I am here to help you – just contact me for further details!

Once you have decided to celebrate your wedding on the beach beside the ocean, with its fresh breeze and soft sunlight, there is only one step left: to inquire about the cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Many couples give up their dream thinking that this type of wedding is too expensive for them. However, the prices vary depending on the type of the wedding ceremony you choose and the location for celebration.

There are 2 possible variants of the wedding: an official marriage in the Dominican Republic or a symbolic wedding ceremony. It is worth mentioning that an official marriage is not as popular as an unofficial wedding celebration because first, it is much more expensive, and second, it requires more hustle and bustle with the documents.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose wedding packages for twoand see that your dream does not cost much and you can find offers from only $600.

Best places for a wedding in the Dominican Republic:

  • «Macao»Beach – a budget-friendly option on a public beach, meaning that you won’t be alone on the beach, but will be able to enjoy the beauty of the chosen location;
  • «CabezadeToro»Beach – a small private beach where you can celebrate a ceremony in a private setting, without other people, and take pictures with special decorations (a pier, a swing and a palm tree grove);
  • «Los Establos»elitehorseclub – an original location without an ocean view, but ideal for not ordinary couples who imagine their wedding near a waterfall or on horses riding along vast meadows;
  • Cap Cana private gated complex– one of the most beautiful locations of Punta Cana for sophisticated couples, with views over the pier, the Caribbean Sea, and access to luxurious yachts;
  • «Saona»Island – for adventure lovers, since it is not only a wedding but also a real sea trip! On Saona Island, you and your better half will participate in a photo shoot on a private beach closed for tourists, and then will celebrate a fantastic wedding ceremony;
  • «Tracadero» Restaurant – incredibly beautiful Italian project with tropical gardens, a swimming pool and islets, palm trees and a stone pier for those who prefer an elegant style and luxury;
  • Redonda Mountain – amazing and picturesque location with a “winged swing” and an impressive view over the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains.

May the fairy-tale enter your life; enjoy each moment while we are doing our best to make this important day unforgettable for you!

Our offers for couples include:

  • Locationrentalfor your wedding ceremony;
  • Shuttle;
  • 2 hours of professional photo session;
  • Arch, decorations, laying the table, a bride’s bouquet and a bridegroom’s buttonhole in the style of the ceremony chosen by you from our catalogue;
  • Bottle of champagne and festive glasses for the newlyweds;
  • Specialoffer – sandceremony symbolizing unity and love.

Additionally You can order:

  • Dresses and tunics with a tail for unique pictures
  • Horse for a photo shoot
  • Wedding cake, cupcakes, candy bar in the style of the ceremony
  • Decorations made of fresh flowers
  • Wedding dinner for your couple
  • Ford Mustang or retro car rental services
  • Stylist’s services
  • Live music
  • Video clip of your wedding
  • Official registration of your marriage

By the way, if you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, I will be happy to help you! Contact us!

Leave behind your daily routine and start your family life in the most beautiful way: only you, your better half, and the ocean, unlimited just like your family happiness. And may the whole world wait!


What wedding format fits me best?

What wedding format fits me best?

Today, weddings can be celebrated in any format depending on the budget available, time of the year and the number of guests. The format is not a style or a concept the wedding is based on; it is the way the celebration is organized.

Off-site ceremony

off-site ceremonyOne of the popular formats is an off-site ceremony that is the one conducted outside the Civil Registry Office. In some countries of Europe, it has already become a common way of organizing a celebration, while in other countries, for example in Russia, this format was introduced not long ago. As a rule, the off-site ceremony, also called elopement ceremony, is organized for a small group of the dearest and nearest. It lasts for no more than 3 hours, accompanied by beautiful decoration, speech of the Master of Ceremony, and light music.

Elopement ceremony is a format giving much freedom for fantasy. It can be conducted in picturesque surroundings, creating an idyllic site that will highlight an individual style of the newlyweds. With this format, the newlyweds can turn any wedding dreams into reality.

From the point of view of the law, the off-site ceremony is a kind of a show, since the law does not allow registering a marriage outside the Civil Registry Office. The newlyweds will have to go to the Civil Registry Office anyway to comply with all the formalities of official wedding. Many couples do it beforehand, on some day of the week before the solemn celebration organized off-site. Marriage is registered, while the celebration is scheduled forlater on. Sometimes, married people organize a celebration even a year after the legal marriage registration. In this case, the ceremony is not conducted by an official of the Civil Registry Office but by a professional Master of Ceremony who creates a unique romantic atmosphere of the event.

Couples often choose the format of the off-site ceremony because it can be conducted wherever their heart desires, even abroad. For example, some people are dreaming about exchanging vows on a Dominican beach or aboard a ship in the open sea or in a country house. It all depends on what the newlyweds want. This format has several advantages that a traditional registration at a Civil Registry Office does not feature:

  • You can choose any location for celebration;
  • You can create a plan of the ceremony independently;
  • You can set up décor that will turn the ceremony into a vivid fairy-tail;
  • The newlyweds can interchange vows, making the moment even more tender and romantic;
  • The Master of Ceremony will pronounce a unique text written especially for these newlyweds;
  • You can combine the ceremony with the banquet so that the invitees do not have to move from one place to another.

Traditional family wedding

A traditional wedding is a format chosen mostly in Russia. In this case, the newlyweds start by going to the Civil Registry Office accompanied by their relatives and close friends. Such wedding is distinguished by the joyful and cheerful atmosphere full of sincere feelings and warmth of family bonds.

Big wedding

A big wedding includes participation of not only the nearest relatives and friends but also mates, colleagues, companions etc. Such event starts in the morning from “ransom for the bride” show and ends almost at midnight in a café or a restaurant. It features an eventful entertainment program, a special menu and thematic décor of the wedding hall.

Choose a wedding format

What advantages and disadvantages of different formats should be considered when making a choice?

  • A banquet in a traditional style is a good idea if you do not have time for preparations, guests are “conservative”, and the newlyweds do not want to participate in all the hustle and bustle before the wedding.
  • European wedding. Unlike the traditional one, when people spend much time sitting at the tables, eating and drinking alcohol, a European banquet is celebrated on foot. It helps to prevent the celebration from turning into a “booze-up”. The banquet can be set up in a park or in a garden, or at any open space enplein air. The guests will be able to move freely, communicate with each other and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The banquet includes a wide choice of light snacks, soft drinks and drinks with alcohol. This format is good for mostly young people. The elderly people will find it hard to stay on foot during the entire celebration.
  • A wedding picnic outdoors is created for a small group of invitees and for a warm season of the year. It is better to be chosen as a theme for a photo shoot than for the entire celebration.
  • Thematic celebration following to a special plot. This celebration requires long preparations and significant expenses. If the newlyweds have enough money and time, they can create an absolutely exclusive event.
  • Young people will also like the wedding in a disco format. A hall can be decorated as a disco hall, a DJ can be invited and various cocktails served.
  • Adrenaline and extreme lovers can also organize a ceremony that will satisfy their demands. For example, the newlyweds can exchange rings during a parachute jump or underwater, while diving.

A wedding can be organized in the most unusual and uncommon way. How to do it? Trustyourtaste and your wishes. If you do, this day will be remembered by you and your beloved one for the rest of your family life.

You can organize a wedding in the most unusual way. The main thing is to trust your desires. Then this child will become the most memorable in the life of the husband and wife, so feel free to contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions and conduct the ceremony taking into account all the wishes.

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Flowers in the hair of the bride

A bride remains in the center of attention during the entire wedding ceremony. That is why brides meticulously create their look choosing a dress, make-up, accessories and hairstyle.

Once the hair has been beautifully arranged and styled, it is often necessary to give it a final touch that will make the look complete, womanly and tender. For this purpose, fresh flowers can be used, which are considered by many stylists to be the best detail complementing the hairstyle of the bride.

Speaking about fresh flowers as hairstyle accessories, the stylists started using them instead of artificial jewelry not long ago. The stylist can add flowers not only to the hairstyle but also to a dress or a veil. For the flower to match the style of the wedding ceremony, it is important to follow the main rule: choose the flower that will match the bride flower bouquet and the buttonhole in the bridegroom’s suit.

Today, floristry allows an easy choice of a tender bouquet to adorn the bride’s look. When choosing the bouquet, it is necessary to consider the hair color, the form of the future hairstyle and the style chosen. It is better to put a professional stylist in charge of all these, who will take into account all the nuances.

To create a light, tender and sensual look, useorchids, bush roses, gladiolus, lilies or chrysanthemums.

To create a strong-willed and even slightly bold look, choose bright compositions: red or claret. For example, for a passionate image, introduce a scarlet-red rose to your hair.

Original and unusual impression is produced by sky tones: blue and light-blue. They are not used so often, however, they match almost any hair color and contribute to a fresh look.

When choosing accessories, consider not only your own taste but also how the flower reflects your character and temperament and how it complements the style chosen.

What is the significance of the flower chosen?

  • Rose is a classical variant that can be used differently, depending on the tone chosen. It is worth taking into account that different tones are suitable for blonde, brunette and chestnut hair. But all of them symbolize joy and love, as well as help create a splendid and sophisticated look.
  • Freesia is a more unordinary choice for the wedding. It creates mystery. You can add one bud or a small branch. Freesia has a gentle, barely perceptible aroma, which will be in harmony with the mood of the ceremony. A wide selection of shades gives you an opportunity to choose the one that matches your hair best.

Marriage on the beaches of the Dominican Republic

If you are planning to have a wedding on the beach, for example, in the Dominican Republic, pay attention to exotic flowers that emphasize character and add an original touch.

  • Tocreateanextravagantlook, usebird of paradise flower or calla;
  • Tender and elegant white orchid makes ideal harmony with any hairstyle. This flower symbolizes tenderness, sincerity and love, becoming an ideal choice for the bride;
  • Tenderness and innocence of a young woman are highlighted by the lily flower. However, due to its size, lily does not match some face types and hairstyles.

When choosing a floristic element for the hairstyle, it is recommended to avoid flowers that fade quickly or have too strong smell.

Flower accessories

There are different types of flower accessories:

  • Rim or diadem;
  • Pin;
  • Adornment for the veil;
  • Adornment woven into the hairstyle.

Stylists have different opinions regarding the combination of fresh flowers with other accessories in the hairstyle. So, it is important to consider individual tastes, try and see if the accessories match and if the bride likes the combination.

Since the flower in the hairstyle should match the bouquet and the buttonhole, it is better to order them at the same florist’s. In such case, you will certainly like the combination.

It is also important to pay attention to the proper storage of buds if they are bought the day before the wedding ceremony. Specialists advise storing them in a container with water in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. If possible, order home deliveryright by the time when your morning preparations start. To keep the flowers in your hair fresh during the whole day, florists treat them in a special composition.

When ordering accessories, tell the florist that they are for the hairstyle. In this case, the florist will make them of the necessary size and provide them with hairpins or other clips so that you can attach them to the hair easily and quickly.

Once you have complemented your look with fresh flowers, you will feel stunningon this most important day. Photos and videos will reflect your gorgeous image: the camera is always focused on the bride’s head, and adorned with fresh flowers, your image becomes even more tender.

By the way, if you plan to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you! Contact us!



What a bridesmaid should look like at a wedding?

A wedding ceremony is an event where many people participate. A certain group of them performs the functions assigned to them by the traditions and decision of the newlyweds. For example, one of the main roles among the invited by the bride goes to the maid of honor. Since she should help the bride and groom in everything and be around all the time, she must always be on the public eye. So, she should look perfect and, ideally, the look of the maid of honor should be in harmony with the bride’s look, but at the same time not attract too much attention, outshining the leading lady of the event.

What should a bridesmaid wear to such a pleasant and honorable mission as a wedding ceremony? After all, a bridesmaid also wants to look unconventional, solemn and moderately restrained. First of all, when choosing a dress, you need to focus on the outfit that is right for you and will correspond to the celebration character. In this case, you are welcome to be versatile. For example, try mixing things from different brands. In one store, buy a chic pencil skirt, and in another, fit it together with a more solemn, even “airy” blouse. You can also buy an elegant black dress of a democratic brand, and complement it with an awesome jacket and stylish accessories.

If the reason for looking for an outfit is a summer wedding in the Dominican Republic, an elegant and feminine full-skirt sundress will suit best. Just be careful with the style and color, so that the selected outfit does not resemble casual clothes for the beach. Do not forget that the bridesmaid dress should not be conservative at all. It would be useful to wonder about the latest trends, because you can look fashionable and festive at the same time.

In addition, before choosing a dress, the bridesmaid should consult with the bride, specifying in what style the wedding ceremony will be, what dress the bride preferred and what she wishes for the bridesmaid to wear. Do not forget about seasonality, as well as predicted weather conditions.

Moreover, a bride who honors European traditions can invite several bridesmaids to her wedding. In this case, of course, you can go the standard way and choose the same dresses for all the bridesmaids. But every girl has her own color type, figure features, so that the outfit of a certain style and color simply cannot suit everyone. And the bride hardly wants her original wedding to spoil the mood to any girl, who following the whim of the newlywed, will feel insecure in the wrong outfit. Therefore, it is better for bridesmaids to choose dresses that are similar in style, but have different designs.The length can be the same, for example. Moreover, choosing various shades, you can create a special entourage that will further emphasize the snow-white robe of the bride. However, the choice of color for outfits can be determined by the theme of the celebration, but, if necessary, you can play with the shades.

Bridesmaid dress color

  1. The white color for the bridesmaid is taboo. This is the prerogative of the bride.
  2. A black dress is also inappropriate, even if it is a very original wedding.
  3. An excellent choice – blue, pink, terracotta and honey shades. The bridesmaid should stick to the pastel palette when choosing a dress if there are no special instructions from the bride. A good solution would be a dress of silver or gold palette. For those who are alien to light clothing, chocolate, burgundy and dark blue colors are suitable.
  4. Recently, wedding fashion has been focusing on ivory, which is versatile, elegant and can be harmoniously combined with the bride’s dress. In this case, the bridesmaid dress should be simple and perfectly tailored on the figure.
  5. Modern original wedding welcomes the choice in favor of a red bridesmaid outfit. It is not only relevant, but also very solemn. But such a dress requires minimal makeup and the absence of bulky accessories.

The bridesmaid attire

Basically, stylists recommend A-line models to bridesmaids. This is a dress with a tight-fitting top, which gradually expands down.

Also, the bridesmaid can choose an outfit in the Empire style, which is characterized by a flowing skirt with pleats and a high waist.

It is better for the bridesmaid to abandon the ball gowns, tight-fitting mini-skirts and trousers.

The bridesmaid dress length

The perfect solution for the bridesmaid is a cocktail dress just below the knees. Following etiquette, a long dress should not be worn during the day. But for the wedding, you can prepare two dresses: a short one for dowry and ceremony, and a long one for a banquet. However, no one strictly follows this rule.

The bridesmaid dress can be both short and long. Butto avoid misbalance, remember: the longer the dress is, the more open the upper part can be and vice versa.

The bridesmaid shoes and accessories

  1. If a wedding is plannedin the Dominican Republic and the ceremony takes place on the beach, it is better to refuse high heels. Moreover, in such shoes legs get tired quickly, and the bridesmaid has to stand a lot, walk and dance during the event.
  2. If the bride is much shorter than the bridesmaid, then the latter, for the sake of her friend, should completely abandon the idea to wear heels, choosing flats.
  3. If you have a dress in pastel colors, then motley shoes will help to add brightness to your look.
  4. The bridesmaid should have a handbag. The size should be small, but sufficient for all the necessary lady’s little things. Choose the color of the handbag to match the shade of your shoes.

The bridesmaid hairstyle

The hairstyle will help to complement and complete the bridesmaid look. What styling is suitable in this case?

– slight negligence: a hairstyle that seems imperfect will give a touch of charm to any person. This may be an incomplete form of a chignon, a broken strand. Ideally, the bride and her bridesmaid should have hairstyles that combine with each other. Therefore, it is better that the same hairdresser does your hair;

– graceful curls: neatly twisted locks that carelessly fall on the shoulders, this is a win-win choice. Just decide on the size, thickness and shape of the curls. You can also complement them with a beautiful hairpin or fresh flowers;

– plait: ideal for dresses in the Greek style;

– bun: elegant, simple and suits most girls and almost all dresses.


If you have been honored to be a bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding, then follow these tips, be simple and elegant not to outshine the bride, and you will certainly make a success!

By the way, if you are planning to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you, contact us!

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Vintage style wedding

Nowadays, every couple wants their original wedding to be the most beautiful, interesting and unforgettable. Any whim can be satisfied and the only limitation consists in financial capacity. The latest wedding trends are increasingly turning to the old days. After all, our past has a rich history and is an inexhaustible source of good style and taste when there was another life and other people filled with bright hope, purity and creativity. Perhaps, this is precisely why vintage style is so popular today. It appears not only in interiors and casual clothes with accessories. Many modern couples want to have a vintage-style wedding ceremony.

Vintage-style wedding decor

Someone wants to walk down the aisle in a simple and intimate atmosphere, while someone prefers luxury and much pomp in everything. Vintage allows both. Nevertheless, a wedding in this style is a small event, where the newlyweds are in the spotlight, surrounded by the atmosphere of the past, so charming and unforgettable. This is an amazingly elegant event with a consummate sense of style.

Vintage decor begins with a wedding invitation. People create them of aged paper, use a warm ink tone and retro fonts. On the one hand of such a card, you can write an invitation text by hand. On the other hand, a photo of the loving couple is often placed, which is being aged through special means. If your original weddingis vintage, you can additionally decorate invitations with floral patterns, beads, brooches, bows, lace. The main thing is that they are designed in a delicate floral color palette, which will correspond to the hall decoration palette, wedding dresses and holiday floristry. Although vintage can be different (strict, delicate, elegant, warm and romantic), the color scheme should be devoid of any expression. That is, choose such calm, pastel and light colors as pink, light gray, white, coffee and similar shades. If you want your original wedding to be more expressive in flowers, give preference to shades of precious stones: ruby, pearls, emerald, sapphire.

The newlyweds’ look and a dress code for guests

The color of the bride’s dress does not have to be white. The ideal solution is pastel muted tones, coffee with milk, champagne splashes, etc. The main vintage sign at the wedding is a comb with precious stones, an exquisite veil, which is complemented with a brooch, stockings, shoes of that time, lace gloves. Lace must be present in the decor of the dress.

A vintage-style wedding ceremony also provides for the appropriate choice of bride’s hairstyle. It can be soft curls or restrained styling. The main thing is that the style of the bride should be fully sustained.

The finishing touch of the bride’s look will be a vintage wedding bouquet. These are lovely, elegant flowers, skillfully and tastefully composed in a single composition. The main thing is that the bouquet recalls the atmosphere of the past. Therefore, elements of traditional decoration should be present in it.

The groom, dressed in vintage style, wears a vest or suspenders, a bow tie and a hat. Accessories will not be superfluous. For example, a watch on a chain perfectly complements the look of a man.

Guests’ dress code does not have to be necessarily stylized. But for bridesmaids it is worth choosing dresses of the same color with such vintage details as veils, hats, stockings, etc. The groom’s friends, without whom the wedding ceremony isn’t complete, should be dressed in the same costumes or at least have identical elements in their looks – suspenders, buttonholes, hats or something like that.

Vintage wedding venue

If you choose an outdoor event as the venue for your vintage wedding, you definitely will not lose. It is always something exquisite, special, comfortable. The venue for organizing the celebration can be arranged on the banks of a river, on a mountain hill or in the garden of a country house. But if you are worried that unpredictable weather will let you down at the most crucial moment, an estate, an old theater or a classic restaurant will be a great venue. Regardless of the option, the newlyweds will finally choose, the main thing is that the design contains vintage attributes. The decor of the hall can be radically different: alluring, bright and magnificent or unobtrusive, touching and modest. Choose what is closer to both of you.

Shabby books, old furniture, antique frames with old photographs, lace napkins, crystal dishes, satin bows on tableware, tall vases, delicate bouquets on tables will help create a suitable atmosphere for a vintage event. In a word, any things “from the past”. Miniature birds in cages, mirrors, artificial flowers, candlesticks with ordinary candles, brooches, statuettes of ancient times will perfectly fit into the vintage style. And even if you choose such an original option as a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then all these things will help you travel into the past.

Do not forget about the musical arrangement. It is important that it also be old. A gramophone, player or reel tape recorder will harmoniously complement the vintage-style decor. If you decide to order an orchestra, then select a suitable repertoire in advance.

As for the menu, here choose everything to your taste and financial capabilities. But the wedding cake must be designed in vintage style. Wide possibilities of confectioners will allow implementing this idea without any problem. A sweet masterpiece in soft colors, complemented by a variety of patterns, sugar bows and edible lace, will be the main decoration of the festive table.

Vintage wedding transport

If you have a wedding in the Dominican Republic, why not walk down the aisle on horseback. It is very beautiful and romantic. Also very vintage! But small cars in retro style will also suit. However, forget the idea of using usual chic limousines. Otherwise, you will break the wholevintage style of your celebration and seem completely tasteless.

Such an amazing atmosphere of a vintage wedding will take the whole celebration to those old times, to which you wanted to become closer at least for one but very  important and crucial day for every new family.

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Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

A wedding ceremony is a celebration associated with significant expenses. Not everyone can sacrifice his or her budget for a big celebration. That is why it is important to elaborate a wedding budget correctly so that the celebration does not produce a harmful impact on the financial standing of your young family.

The wedding budget includes many components.

1. Bride’s apparel

First, the bride should decide if her dress is to be tailor-made or ready-to-wear. Renting a dress is the most budget-friendly solution. Tailor-made dresses are usually much more expensive. However, if some of your friend or relatives can sew a dress for you, you will only have to buy fabric and other necessary items. As a result, you will get an exclusive dress tailor-made for you that will fit you well and will give a unique touch to your original wedding.

The must-have list also includes a veil/headpiece, gloves, shoes, garter, stockings, and accessories. Although at first sight these items seem to cost just a penny, they lead to significant expenses.

As for the hairstyle, here you have to choose what you really want: save time or money? If you want the former, just invite a stylist to your home. If you prefer the latter, you will have to go to a beauty salon early in the morning to have enough time for styling your hair. There, you can also get your make-up. We highly recommend using the services of a make-up artist, since on such an important day, any bride feels excited and can hardly create an ideal make-up on her own.

2. Bridegroom’s apparel

It is better to buy a shirt, a tie and a suit in one shop. You may get a good discount for a big purchase. A tailor-made attire for the bridegroom is necessary when the bridegroom’s body is not standard and it is hard to choose ready-to-wear clothes.

3. Engagement rings

Since engagement rings are chosen for the rest of one’s life, it is important to consider this fact when selecting them. It is not a good idea to experiment with engagement rings and buy some extraordinary or fashionable rings thatwill get outdated in a few years. It is better to opt for classical rings made of gold or silver. The price of rings depends on the quality of metal and presence of engraving.

4. Bride’s bouquet and bridegroom’s buttonhole

The price of the bouquet and the buttonhole that are designed in the same style depends on the choice of flowers, design, technology and complexity of work. Consider variants suggested by several florists to choose the most budget-friendly offer.

5. Wedding invitations

Your original wedding deserves to be exclusive, and it should be reflected in each element of the wedding, starting from invitations. If you do not want to spend money on them, feel free to invite close relatives and friends in person or by phone. As for the guests coming from far away and special invitees, send them invitations. A beautiful and unique design of the invitation cards is very important, since the guests will keep them as a memento of your celebration.

6. Wedding cake

Multi-tiered wedding cakes are quite expensive, but the cake is a must-have element of any wedding. Besides, traditional wedding ceremonies often feature such symbolic elements as loaves of bread.

7. Wedding cortege

To save money on this article of your wedding budget, you can rent cars of your relatives or close friends. Undoubtedly, you know somebody who has beautiful cars. However, if there are many guests who will accompany you, you might need to rent a bus for them.

As for the décor of your transportation means, you can adorn the cars on your own or if your budget allows it, use the services of professional decorators.

8. Banquet hall

wedding in lavenderIf you are on a tight budget, decide what is more important for you: a table full of exquisite food in a modestly decorated hall or simple food in a hall elaborately decorated with fresh flowers, fabric elements and balloons.

9. Wedding photoshoot and video

The services or professional photographers and camera operators are quite expensive. However, an original wedding is such a unique event that leaves many beautiful memories.

Your emotions captured in photos and the wedding video will remind you of your unique wedding whenever you look at them. The price range for professional photo and video services depends on the quality of equipment, professionalism and fame of photographer, presence of assistants if necessary, and additional pre-wedding session called “Love Story”.

10. Wedding leader

It is hard to imagine a celebration without dancing and entertainment. A professional Master of Ceremonies will help organize contests and games for your guests and keep the celebration running smoothly. To make sure your guests do not get bored just sitting at the table and eating for hours, hire musicians to your liking, who will entertain the guests with songs and pleasant melodies.

11. Extra things

If after elaborating your budget you have some money left, you can spend it on fireworks, fire-show, performance of dancers and other extra elements of your wedding program.

12. Honeymoon

If you want to spend your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, but your budget is tight for this, there is a solution! Don’t forget about the wedding gifts that your guests are preparing for you. You can ask them beforehand to give you money as a gift so that you spend it on your honeymoon.

13. Where to get money for wedding?

If you do not manage to save enough money for your wedding on your own and your parents cannot help you out, there are other solutions to this challenge. You can take out a loan. It is quite easy: you just need your ID, earnings certificate and a couple of other documents depending on the country where you request a loan and your bank requirements. Many banks even offer special wedding loans with convenient terms for the newlyweds.

You may also do without the earnings certificate if you request a loan in a credit union. However, the interest rate is much higher there. But the loans are usually approved quickly and easily.

It is also possible to use the services of a pawnshop where you can pawn personal property in exchange for money. You will get your property back when your return the loan from the money given as a gift by your guests. Make sure you carefully read the contract with the pawnshop before signing it to safeguard yourself from possible hardships.

A loan is not the right solution for you if:

  • You are not sure your marriage will be strong
  • Your income is not stable
  • You are planning for a baby
  • You want to pawn your lodging

It is better to organize a modest family wedding than run an unjustified and big risk of money loss.

By the way, if you are planning to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you, contact us!

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The best events for guests at a wedding in the Dominican Republic

Even when a wedding ceremony is celebrated on a Dominican beach, it will be boring and tedious if you do not prepare a good entertainment program for your guests. Common contests and games are not enough for such an amazing place. Here you must try more amusing and entertaining activities.

Outdoor games

Чем занять гостей на свадьбеDivide your guests into teams and think over some topic for your game that will be interesting for all. You can alsohave a quest so that the guests solve riddles to find a prize. Such outdoor activity will be admired by those who do not like spending a lot of time around a festive table. Besides, team games will help your guests feel more relaxed and sociable, which is good especially if it is the first time they see each other. Make sure you inform your guests about this activity in advance so that they can bring comfortable shoes and clothes to participate in the games.

Memories about the newlyweds

If your original wedding is a loud celebration with a lot of invitees, skip this activity. However, if on this important day you want to be surrounded only by the nearest and dearest, this activity is the right choice. Ask your invitees to prepare short stories about some important moment from your love life. May the bridegroom’s best friend remember how he was helping the bridegroom before the proposal. The newlyweds’ friends can also talk about the first encounter of the bride and the bridegroom. The parents may want to share a story about the first family meeting with the couple. This moving activity will create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere on your wedding day.

Open-air cinema

If you shot a love story video before the wedding, may your guests also enjoy the result of your creative experience with the videographer. To save money and set up an open-air cinema on the beachwithout expensive equipment, just use some white linen. Extend it between the trees or special poles. Put chairs in rows and lay the festive table. It will be cozy, romantic and family-friendly.

Wedding master classes for the invitees

For the invitees who may get bored easily, include several master classes into the program of your original wedding. They will make your celebration not only entertaining, but also useful. You can opt for dancing classes, hand-made decoration for celebration or floristry master classes.

Partner dances are the best master class variant. The easiest to perform are bachata, salsa and hustle. Just a few words about the basic steps and the guests will practice their dancing skills. By the way, the newlyweds may also want to conduct the master class. In this case, they have to take a couple of dancing classes during their preparation for the wedding.

Beauty lovers will definitely enjoy a floristry master class. You can create different variants of the bride’s bouquet together with your invitees. Have in mind that a wedding celebration is a long and sometimes tiring experience, so it would be better to conduct a floristry master class at the beginning of the celebration, when the invitees are full of enthusiasm and energy. If you want to organize a dancing master class, the best time for it is in the middle of the celebration.

Congrats video for the newlyweds

If you want to combine an entertaining activity for the invitees with your good memories about your original wedding, invite a videographer to film congratulating speeches. After the celebration, the videographer will edit a film. Ask the master of ceremony to make a list of questions and then give them randomly to the guests. During the celebration, the videographer will invite the guests one by one to film their answers to the questions together with congrats and wishes for you. For the invitees to feel comfortable and look relaxed and easy-going in the video, start shooting only 2-3 hours after the beginning of the celebration. Such interesting, funny, original, useful and pleasant activity will help create a precious memento for the newlyweds and will symbolize the atmosphere of love, happiness and celebration.

Performers and show program

A wedding in the Dominican Republic is an interesting event by itself. However, the invitees may become bored of just observing a tropical landscape all day long. That is why add a performers’ show on the beach to your wedding celebration agenda. You can also choose a short show program. It will entertain the guests during the dinner and will not let them get bored. There are many variants of such programs. Consider a thematic sand show. For example, you can use sand images to relate your love story to the guests in the most original way.

If there are kids among the invitees, they will certainly like a bubbles show. Undoubtedly, adults will also admire it.

Be sure that a dance show will become a success. Professional dancers will contribute to an incredible festive atmosphere, making the event brighter.

As for the beginning of the show program, if your wedding is scheduled for the midday, it is convenient to start the show as early as at 1 p.m. Start with only one performance and distribute the rest of them throughout the celebration. Make sure there are more entertaining activities by the end of the celebration.

Sea boat trip

Since your wedding is celebrated on the beach, why not take advantage of the location and go on a boat trip? Depending on the number of guests and your budget, you can opt for a boat, a yacht, or a motorboat. You will be fascinated by the view over the shore from the vessel. The invitees will be able to swim in the open sea or practice fishing.

Horseback Riding

In the Dominican Republic, you can rent a horse and let your invitees enjoy horseback riding. An exciting activity for the wedding celebration, is not it? Horseback riding along the seashore will be a very enjoyable experience for your nearest and dearest.

The wedding in the Dominican Republic featuring one of such activities or even all of them will become an unforgettable event not only for the newlyweds, but also for their guests.


Wedding Dessert Table

Свадебный десертный стол

A wedding ceremony is a happy event accompanied by positive emotions, congratulations, much fun and, of course, a banquet. It is hard to imagine a wedding banquet without an assortment of desserts. They ideally culminate a festive dinner or lunch: most guests just cannot do without something sweet. That is why it is so important to know the rules of serving a wedding dessert table.

What for is a dessert table on a wedding?

Since at any celebration there is enough time for a cake, any original wedding also requires desserts. Women and kids love them most. However, not all kids can wait until the end of celebration when the most delicious treat is served. Thus, if there are many kids among your invitees, follow the European tradition of serving a dessert table. It means that a wedding cake is served at the end of celebration, but various desserts, such as small pastries, sweets, ice-cream, fruit or gelatinappear on a dessert table much earlier. This way, everyone has a chance to eat a dessert without waiting until the late night when a long-awaited cake is served.

If you want your guests to remember your original wedding for long, add some fun to the process of serving sweets. An excellent idea would be to order cookies with good prophesies or wishes so that you can share your happiness with the invitees. Besides, quite often after a heavy main course, the invitees just do not want to enjoy a sweet dessert. In this case, it is useful to prepare carton boxes or tartlet shells for the guests to store their desserts and take them home. Thus, after the celebration, you won´t have to think about what to do with the rest of the food: usually you do not want to throw it away and at the same time the food is not appetizing at all when you have a full stomach.

How to serve desserts on the wedding table?

A dessert table should be arrangedfor the sake of comfort so that the guests can easily take the desserts with their hands. That is why it is better to offer single serving desserts or desserts divided into portions. For each dessert table, it is necessary to prepare at least 5 different desserts. This way, the table appears to be beautifully arranged, offering desserts for all tastes.

If your wedding ceremonyis celebrated in summer, it is a good idea to treat the guests to ice cream in cups. Kids usually like this dessert. Adults will enjoy a refreshing ice cream cup in hot weather too.

What to serve for dessert on a wedding?

The choice of desserts depends on a chosen wedding style. If you follow folklore traditions, for example, you may choose fruit pies, donuts, curd cheese pie and other sweet pastries typical of the national cuisine of the country where you celebrate your wedding. In the United States, for instance, a wedding is usually celebrated with cupcakes, pop-cakes and other varieties of cakes. This kind of sweets is very easy to serve and allows for experiments with flavors and decorations.

As for the European dessert table, it usually includes cream pastries, marzipan, home cookies, gelatin and coffee. If you are planning to have an original weddingand want to surprise your guests with something extravagant and unusual, try such unique dessert options as bacon in chocolate, crispy insects in caramel coating and more unexpected desserts. However, we recommend preparing a traditional wedding cake anyway for some guests who do not like culinary experiments.

Fruit is always a win-win option. You can choose seasonal fruit especially at the end of summer. A dessert table of fruit is an ideal solution if you celebrate your wedding in the Dominican Republic. Such light, fresh and low-calorie desserts will be a success in hot weather when nobody wants heavy food. You can serve sliced or whole fruit. It is also suitable to prepare fruit canapé or fruit salads served in single-portion bowls.

Decoration of a wedding dessert table

It is important to decorate a dessert table in line with the style of your wedding ceremony. To add a special touch to the table, create beautiful pyramids of glasses with champagne, fold napkins following origami techniques, elaborate impressive sets of sweets and bouquets of candies. These tips will contribute to a unique and unforgettable design of your dessert table. If you also decorate the table with a chocolate fountain or frozen statuettes, you will undoubtedly enjoy a royal wedding ceremony.

A wedding cake is a must!

A wedding cake is an indispensable part of a festive table. It is the center of a solemn celebration. Its choice depends on a wedding style.

  1. Classical romantic style. If you want to organize a classical romantic celebration according to the best traditions for the nearest and dearest, with a ceremony at a church and a snow-white wedding dress, your cake should suit your wedding style as well. Opt for a multilevel cake with some light and soft filling. The design of the cake may include colors or decorative elements similar to those of your wedding dress or the décor of a banquet hall, for example, blue marzipan ribbons or huge lilacs on the dessert.
  2. Rock-style cake. If you decided to organize a rock-style wedding celebration, an unusual cake is a must. Its design may resemble a highway going up to the top of the cake with statuettes of Harley Davidson and the newlyweds nearby. A rock-style cake can also have a form of a guitar, a microphone, a Hollywood star with your names etc.
  3. Marine-style cake. If you are going to have a wedding in the Dominican Republic, the main treat of the dessert table will look impressive if created in blue color range and decorated with edible sweet starfish, fish, shells and pearls. It is also a good idea to order a cake in the form of an open seashell with a pearl inside.

Follow traditions

Traditional weddings in different countries include quite original elements. For example, a traditional Russian wedding includes a round loaf of bread and wedding “pine cones”. Parents meet the newlyweds with a loaf of bread and then treat the invitees to this loaf. As for the pine cones, the newlyweds take this dessert home to drink tea or share the cones with their relatives. People say that traditionally they used to give sweet pine cones to those who were eager to get married and have babies. A wedding pine cone was also a symbol of gratefulness for the gifts to the newlyweds. The tradition says that it was important to give away all the cones so that the newlyweds had a long and happy family life.

In modern Russia, pine cones can be rarely seen on weddings. Modern pastry chefs and bakers offer different fillings with raisin and dried apricots. However, people following authentic traditions can order classical pine cones symbolizing prosperity, happiness and financial stability.

If you decided to organize the pirate-themed wedding, your family life will be breathtaking and full of unforgettable amazing emotions! And Happypeoplewed will help to fulfill this dream.