Coffee in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous not only for its snow-white beaches, palm trees and the turquoise-blue ocean. It is not only the beauty of nature that attracts tourists. Coffee in the Dominican Republic is another remarkable feature, alongside with beaches and rum. They drink coffee and offer it everywhere: in hospitals, hotels and government entities. The locals prefer very sweet and strong coffee. Even poor families always have coffee at home. To deny a cup of coffee is an act of disrespect.

Features of coffee cultivation

Looking back into the history, for the first time coffee was brought to the country by Columbus in 18th century. Since then, the Dominicans love and value this beverage, and whole families dedicate their lives to working at the plantations.

The coffee production industry experiences successful development in the Dominican Republic due to warm weather and the soil rich in minerals. Apart from natural factors, these features of cultivation of Dominican coffee also play an important role:

  • Coffee is grown in high-hill plantations, at the altitude of over 1500 meters above the sea level. It is considered that coffee beans grown at high altitudes get a more delicate and deep flavor;
  • Chemical fertilizers are not used;
  • Before planting coffee beans on the hills, saplings grow in special seed plots. The first harvest is gathered manually 3 years after the trees are planted;
  • The taste and flavor of the best Dominican coffee feature chocolate and exotic fruit notes because coffee trees grow under big fruit and cacao trees;
  • The majority of coffee production companies are family factories with their own traditions and attention to quality;
  • For a deep taste, coffee beans are dried in natural environment, in the sun, for the period of over 10 days, and shifted regularly.

Weather conditions allow for cultivation of coffee beans in the Dominican Republic all year round. The harvest is gathered from May to September.

A distinctive feature of coffee beans is their oblong shape and greenish blue tone.

Recipe for coffee preparation

The locals prepare coffee following a special recipe for the beverage to get a distinctive intense taste and flavor.

The Dominicans use the following recipe to make coffee:

  • Add a couple of spoons of ground coffee into boiling water;
  • Add a little bit of nutmeg;
  • Let the beverage rest for 2-3 minutes;
  • Filtrate through a cloth coffee filter.

There is also another recipe, where a pot with water and sugar is placed on a stovetop and taken to boil, and after that ground coffee is added.

Coffee varieties

Visiting the country for the first time, tourists do not know which variety of Dominican coffee to taste or take home as a souvenir. There are different varieties of coffee in different price segments – from economic to premium.

Popular varieties:

  • Barahona. Classic strong Arabica coffee with moderate acidity. It features chocolate, prune and spicy nut notes because coffee grows under nut and fruit trees.
  • Jarabacoa coffee is cultivated at the altitude of up to 1.5 thousand meters above the sea level in the region of Jarabacoa. It is classic 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Monte Alto coffee exists in 2 varieties: expresso and premium. The first variety is dark roast coffee used for coffee machine. Premium beans are of medium roast and used for brewing. The distinctive feature of this variety are nut and chocolate flavor notes without acidity.
  • Santo Domingo is a world-famous Dominican coffee. Robust and smooth, medium roast coffee beans with expressive deep taste and nut-chocolate notes. It is grown by a family company who has been producing coffee for over 70 years.

Other sorts of Dominican coffee are varieties of Santo Domingo, differentiated by the region and conditions of cultivation:

  • Pilon Coffee. Tender taste with rose and spicy herb notes;
  • Induban is valued for its tender taste with flower and milk cream notes;
  • Blasercafe Ocoa – prominently strong coffee with light bitter and pepper aftertaste.

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