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Flowers in the hair of the bride

A bride remains in the center of attention during the entire wedding ceremony. That is why brides meticulously create their look choosing a dress, make-up, accessories and hairstyle.

Once the hair has been beautifully arranged and styled, it is often necessary to give it a final touch that will make the look complete, womanly and tender. For this purpose, fresh flowers can be used, which are considered by many stylists to be the best detail complementing the hairstyle of the bride.

Speaking about fresh flowers as hairstyle accessories, the stylists started using them instead of artificial jewelry not long ago. The stylist can add flowers not only to the hairstyle but also to a dress or a veil. For the flower to match the style of the wedding ceremony, it is important to follow the main rule: choose the flower that will match the bride flower bouquet and the buttonhole in the bridegroom’s suit.

Today, floristry allows an easy choice of a tender bouquet to adorn the bride’s look. When choosing the bouquet, it is necessary to consider the hair color, the form of the future hairstyle and the style chosen. It is better to put a professional stylist in charge of all these, who will take into account all the nuances.

To create a light, tender and sensual look, useorchids, bush roses, gladiolus, lilies or chrysanthemums.

To create a strong-willed and even slightly bold look, choose bright compositions: red or claret. For example, for a passionate image, introduce a scarlet-red rose to your hair.

Original and unusual impression is produced by sky tones: blue and light-blue. They are not used so often, however, they match almost any hair color and contribute to a fresh look.

When choosing accessories, consider not only your own taste but also how the flower reflects your character and temperament and how it complements the style chosen.

What is the significance of the flower chosen?

  • Rose is a classical variant that can be used differently, depending on the tone chosen. It is worth taking into account that different tones are suitable for blonde, brunette and chestnut hair. But all of them symbolize joy and love, as well as help create a splendid and sophisticated look.
  • Freesia is a more unordinary choice for the wedding. It creates mystery. You can add one bud or a small branch. Freesia has a gentle, barely perceptible aroma, which will be in harmony with the mood of the ceremony. A wide selection of shades gives you an opportunity to choose the one that matches your hair best.

Marriage on the beaches of the Dominican Republic

If you are planning to have a wedding on the beach, for example, in the Dominican Republic, pay attention to exotic flowers that emphasize character and add an original touch.

  • Tocreateanextravagantlook, usebird of paradise flower or calla;
  • Tender and elegant white orchid makes ideal harmony with any hairstyle. This flower symbolizes tenderness, sincerity and love, becoming an ideal choice for the bride;
  • Tenderness and innocence of a young woman are highlighted by the lily flower. However, due to its size, lily does not match some face types and hairstyles.

When choosing a floristic element for the hairstyle, it is recommended to avoid flowers that fade quickly or have too strong smell.

Flower accessories

There are different types of flower accessories:

  • Rim or diadem;
  • Pin;
  • Adornment for the veil;
  • Adornment woven into the hairstyle.

Stylists have different opinions regarding the combination of fresh flowers with other accessories in the hairstyle. So, it is important to consider individual tastes, try and see if the accessories match and if the bride likes the combination.

Since the flower in the hairstyle should match the bouquet and the buttonhole, it is better to order them at the same florist’s. In such case, you will certainly like the combination.

It is also important to pay attention to the proper storage of buds if they are bought the day before the wedding ceremony. Specialists advise storing them in a container with water in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. If possible, order home deliveryright by the time when your morning preparations start. To keep the flowers in your hair fresh during the whole day, florists treat them in a special composition.

When ordering accessories, tell the florist that they are for the hairstyle. In this case, the florist will make them of the necessary size and provide them with hairpins or other clips so that you can attach them to the hair easily and quickly.

Once you have complemented your look with fresh flowers, you will feel stunningon this most important day. Photos and videos will reflect your gorgeous image: the camera is always focused on the bride’s head, and adorned with fresh flowers, your image becomes even more tender.

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