The best beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic attracts with its white sand, azure sea, palm trees and vacation in a pure heaven on earth. If you are going to visit this country for the first time, below you will find a list of the best Dominican Republic beaches and so choose the one that best suits your expectations

When is it best to vacation on the Dominican Republic beaches and the sea?

The tourist season in the region lasts from November to March. At this time, water and air warm up to a comfortable temperature and the weather is dry. It is hot and the sea is warm in the Republic all year round, but summer is often marked with tropical rains and typhoons that will not let you enjoy your sea holiday. This seasonality characterizes all beaches in the country. And which one to go to is up to you, based on your vacation expectations.

Bavaro beach

It is a paradise with endless snow-white sand and high palm trees, which is in great demand among tourists. It is considered the most noisy and crowded beach in the whole country. You can get there by taxi or rented car. The road to Bavaro does not take long, since it is located 15 km from Punta Cana International Airport.

Along the Dominican Bavaro beach, there is a rich infrastructure: hotels and restaurants from the average level to the premium one. They monitor the cleanliness of the territory. Despite regular cleaning, there are few algae along the coast that the ocean splashes out. Under the water, there is a coral reef with exotic inhabitants. Those who like scuba diving can enjoy enough exploring eye-catching inhabitants of the underwater world.

Bavaro beach is perfect for traveling with children: the waves are small and smooth here, and the entrance to the water is shallow. There is also a large area of shallow water where you can play with your child.

Along the coast, there are options for outdoor activities:

  • Jet ski and water rides;
  • Diving;
  • Parasailing;
  • Water parks with animators;
  • Bars and restaurants with a variety of dishes and drinks.

Rincon Beach

It is considered one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, but at the same time, it is most often empty and deserted. The reason is that you can get there only going on a guided tour, or on your own, covering a distance of about 5 km on foot. Once you get to the Rincon, you get the feeling that you have moved to one of the scenes of the Bounty advert. White sand, thousands of coconut palms and mountains.

The beach consists of 2 parts: the first one is more crowded, where excursion groups are brought. Of the infrastructure, you will find only sun loungers.

The second part is wild, the one that you can get to on your own trough the pathways. Views over the road are worth covering the distance on foot. There is no entertainment, only white sand, azure water and the beauty of nature. The entrance to the water is shallow, but algae and rocks can be found in some places.

Saona Beach

Saona is not just a snow-white beach in the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea, but a whole tropical island located near the city of Boca Chica. It is part of the Eastern National Park – a nature reserve called “Bounty Island”. There is no infrastructure, except small houses of local residents that are rented.

Travelers go to Saonanot only for the snow-white beach and palm trees. Other interesting places worth visiting here:

  • Natural pool with starfish – a small shallow area in the middle of the sea with gatherings of wildlife;
  • Mangrove swamps;
  • Caves;
  • Tropical forest with exotic birds and animals living there.

It’s impossible to get to the island on your own, only going on a guided tour.

Macao Beach

Are you looking for the pristine, exotic nature in its original form? The Dominican Republic Macao beach is what you need. It is one of the few “wild” beaches in the country, which has not been built up with hotels and other infrastructure.

The beach is located in the east of the country in the municipal area of Punta Cana, La Altagracia province. Besides wildlife lovers, it attracts surfers, as it does not have its own coral reef and will let enjoy the vast ocean.

Along Macao, there are 3 zones, each of which corresponds to a certain type of recreation:

  • The right side is a calm sea and many fishing boats. Here tourists can enjoy a relaxing vacation, sunbathing or breathing some sea air in the shade of trees and palm trees. Great for children thanks to the gentle entrance and shallow water. There is a cafe on site where you can enjoy drinks and seafood that are immediately caught by fishermen. There is also a barbecue area for those who want to cook seafood by themselves;
  • The central part is completely surrendered to a surf school. Here you can meet beginners who are just mastering this sport. There is also a cafe with food and drinks, vacationers can sunbathe and swim. This part is officially authorized for swimming, beach lifeguards are on site.
  • The left end of the beach is an ideal place for experienced surfers. A more active ocean and waves, allowing you to feel all the charm of riding a board. It’s also perfect for having a walk.

Such a division and extension allow you have the feeling of the complete unity with nature at Macao beach without a permanent presence of a large number of people. This is one of the reasons why many people choose this Dominican beach, located in the area of Punta Cana, for holding wedding ceremonies and romantic photo shoots.

It is forbidden to build hotels on the beach to maximally preserve the pristine beauty of nature. Punta Cana, with its accommodation options, is 30 km away. Visitors often reach Macao travelling in a tour group or by taxi and spend all day long on the beach.

The only disadvantage that can ruin the rest on this beach may be the lack of changing cabins and showers. But for most tourists, the wilderness and beauty of nature at Macao far exceed such nuances.

Bonito Beach

This beach is considered the main tourist attraction of the Samana Peninsula, located in its northern part. It is also the longest beach in the whole country – 12 km of fine golden sand with a shallow entrance to the water.

Bonito is a favorite place for those who like surfing and snorkeling and it has all the necessary infrastructure: cafes and bars with drinks and fresh seafood, sun loungers, changing cabins, showers and toilets. The length of the beach allows you to choose the least crowded area on it and enjoy your vacation feeling to become one with nature.

Las Ballenas Beach

This is another sight of the Samana Peninsula. People come here not for seacoast recreation. This beach is interesting for travelers because it provides an opportunity to watch humpback whales. The territory is a nature reserve and is protected, so you can only get it going on a guided tour. Whales congregate here from December to March, at other times it makes no sense to go to this beach, since the water and sand here are probably similar to Bonito.

The Dominican beaches are listed among the best. Wherever you come, the azure sea and warm, soft sand will meet you. The choice depends on the budget and infrastructure that you need for a good rest.