The Magic Dominican Republic for Two

The Dominican Republic is a paradise with white-sand beaches, the azure ocean, tall palm trees and its own special atmosphere. Many newlyweds often choose this country for their honeymoon and on-site wedding ceremony; loving couples prefer romantic trips to the Dominican Republic for two. Everything in the country contributes to a romantic mood.
The price for the Dominican Republic for two with a flight varies depending on the season, resort and hotel. You can choose both budget and luxury accommodation.
Before heading to the republic, we suggest that you take a look at the basic information that may be useful.

Climate and season

In the Dominican Republic, it is warm all year round: in winter the air warms up to + 26-30 degrees, and in summer it rises to +32 ºC. The climate is quite humid. From the beginning of May to the end of October, the period is considered to be “out of season”, since at this time it is most likely to rain.

Winter is the most popular time to visit the country, when there are freezing temperatures and it is snowing in our country, the sun is caressing, the sea is warm and it´s not raining in the republic. A good chance to have a cheap vacation is to go to the Dominican Republic in the fall. The beginning of the season, when the vacation price for two in the Dominican Republic is lower and the flow of tourists is not as high as in the middle of winter.

Which resort to go to in the Dominican Republic for a couple vacation

The whole country is a resort, while every corner has its own characteristics. Some cities are washed by the Caribbean Sea, and others by the Atlantic Ocean.

You can choose leisure options to satisfy any activity and interests:

  • Punta Cana and the famous resort of Bavaro. These are the most favorite tourist places. The most luxurious azure shores, framed by snow-white sands with rising coconut palms. Fabulous views and the highest service. Most of the hotels are of the luxury class and offer “all-inclusive with drinks”. The resort is a good place for tourists who come to enjoy a not hurried luxurious service and magical sea. Also, in Punta Cana there is entertainment for every taste: bars and restaurants, golf, jeep safari or surfing for extreme people and adventure seekers. The ocean invites you to enjoy diving and fishing. The vacation price for two to the Dominican Punta Cana is quite high, but it gives the most complete comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the exotic but well-groomed nature.
  • Puerto Plata is a good resort for those who like ancient architecture woven into exotic nature. It is not very comfortable to stay long in this part of the country: most of the hotels are old, and the beaches are not as snow-white as in other resorts. This area gained its popularity due to the production of multi-colored amber in the widest palette.
  • Bayahibe is a small fishing village with a marina. Here multiple trips to the islands as well as boat trips start.
  • Boca Chica is a place located thirty kilometers from Santo Domingo, the capital of the republic. It attracts with an opportunity to enjoy diving in a shallow lagoon with a beautiful coral reef and, of course, snow-white sand on the shore. The availability of Boca Chica for residents of the capital has affected the quality of service and hotel services. Therefore, there are many locals and few foreigners. The service is significantly worse than in famous Bavaro or Punta Cana.

Nuances of the flight

Собираемся в медовый месяцThe price of the Dominican Republic for two in 2020 usually includes the flight, hotel accommodation and transfer. There are various charter flights from most European and US cities. You can check information about flying time from each region with the carrier. For example, the way from Paris to Punta Cana directly will take about 9 hours. Most planes from Europe land in Punta Cana airport.

A visa is not required for European and US citizens; upon arrival, you only need to fill out a migration card at immigration controls.

Tourist attraction

Couple vacation is an occasion not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to discover new parts of the planet. The main attraction of the Dominican Republic is the nature for which travelers come here: snow-white beaches, bays and waterfalls.

One of the most popular excursions is a boat trip, which can have several variations:

  • Boat trip to the islands and bays with swimming time on the open sea;
  • Diving;
  • Deep sea fishing;
  • Foam discos and parties.

The Samana Peninsula is a place that attracts from January to March with the opportunity to watch whales. They come to the bay of Samana and quite often show themselves to people.

There are many wild beaches in the country, where there is no infrastructure and you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. It is difficult to get there on your own, only with a guided tour.

You can feel the charm of the country and touch history in the capital, Santo Domingo. In the city, you will find many attractions of ancient architecture, which will tell you about important events in the development of the republic.

On the territory of each five-star hotel, there is a lot of entertainment: bars, discos and vibrant shows.


Going on a trip for the first time, the question how much to take to the Dominican Republic arises. The amount depends on the format of your vacation. If you stay at the hotel, you will need money only for souvenirs and small expenses.

If you are going to travel around the country, hold a wedding ceremony or a photo shoot, you should know the approximate cost in advance and prepare the necessary amount.

The next point is which currency to take to the Dominican Republic. The currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. It is better to take US dollars: they are easily exchanged for pesos. Euros can cause difficulties. Many establishments accept US dollars, but give change in peso at a disadvantageous rate. Therefore, it is worth changing the money for the local currency in advance if you plan to go shopping, visit bars and restaurants.

Wedding and photo shoot

Many couples are attracted by the opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, formal or symbolic, without paperwork.

Most often, couples prefer a symbolic ceremony. The celebration can be held on a snow-white beach, among coconut trees or colonial architecture. Happypeoplewed Wedding Agency can help you organize your dream wedding.

Our goal is to pay attention to every detail to make the ceremony the best day of your life. We offer:

  • Individual planning based on expectations and preferences
  • Unlimited range of decoration designs
  • Choosing a wedding venue
  • Professional staff working all over the island
  • 24 hour support and answers to any questions.

We can help organize a wedding ceremony that you will never forget, and great photos will remind you of this fabulous day.

You can book a photo shoot to keep the precious memories of your vacation. The nature and romantic atmosphere of the island are suitable for any shooting:

  • Individual;
  • Family;
  • Love stories.

It is not always possible to make great photos during a couple vacation. The photographer will capture the most important and happy moments of the trip.

Couple vacation in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to spend time with your other half away from the hustle and bustle, gain strength and impressions until the next trip.