Visa to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an idyllic place on earth, with white-sand beaches and the turquoise-blue ocean, attractive for many tourists from all over the world. To avoid any inconveniences at the local airport, when passing the migration and customs control, and to make sure you have a blast during your stay in the country, gather information and learn if you need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic and how to get one.

Types of visa to enter the Dominican Republic

Types of visa to enter the Dominican RepublicVisitors from the USA, Canada and Europe do not need a visa of the Dominican Republic if the purpose of their visit is tourism and the duration of stay does not exceed one month. If you decide to stay in the country for a longer period, you can go to the local police office and get a permit of stay for up to but no longer than 3 months.

The Dominican Republic is not only a famous touristic destination. The country also hosts many cultural events and conferences with guests from different countries. Foreigners also come here to study at universities, work at local companies or run their own business.

Visa can be:

  • Touristic – gives a right to cross the border multiple times and participate in events organized in the country;
  • Student’s – for studying on the territory of the country;
  • Work – isprocessedafterconcludinganemploymentcontract with a Dominican employer-companyand getting an invitation;
  • Business – for a period of 2-6 months for business people running business on the territory of the country.

Price and terms of processing

Price and terms of processingThe Consulate is considering a visa request during 30 days. In emergencies, a visa permit can be issued in 7 days.

The price depends on the type of visa:

Type of visa Price, USD
Touristic: single / multiple 115 / 150
Student’s 150
Work: in the framework of a standard processing period/ urgent 190 / 250
For business: single / multiple 150 / 210


Must-know about a Dominican visa in 2020

The majority of tourists spend less than a month in the country and therefore, can stay in the Dominican Republic without visa. A touristic permit is included in the cost of your flight. There is no need to pay any fee at the airport upon arrival.

However, upon arrival, it is necessary to show to the migration service the following documents:

  • Passport that is valid during your whole stay and expires after the date of your departure;
  • Plane ticket back from the Dominican Republic;
  • Asarule, itisdistributedtopassengersonboardaplane. You have to fill it out with your personal data: full name, date of birth, airport of origin country, number of flight and your signature.

To extend your stay for a period of up to 90 days, you can go to the police department and pay a fee in local currency. Its cost is of $USD55.

If your purpose is not tourism or you are planning to visit the country multiple times, it is recommended to request a visa at the consulate of your country of residence. Visa processing takes 30 days. A multiple-entry permit is valid within 60 days.

Before submitting your documents to the consulate, make sure to have them translated into Spanish by a sworn and legal translator, duly signed and stamped.

What documents are required for visa application?

  • Foreignpassport, inoriginal, andacopy (onlyofthepageswithinformation, two pages on one sheet of paper);
  • Downloadaformfrom the website of the Consulate and fill it out;
  • Photo 4х5 cm, in color, with white single-color background;
  • Hotel reservation confirmation;
  • Round-trip airplane ticket;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Thedocumentshouldincludeyourcurrentworkpositionandsalary.
  • Bankcertificateprovingyour solvency, with the minimum of $USD1000 per person.

To get a student’s visa to study at Dominican universities, apart from the above-mentioned documents, it is necessary to submit an invitation from the university, an application and some other papers you will be informed of.

For underage applicants, it is required to provide a birth certificate. If an underage is travelling with only one of the parents or with a grandparent or any third party, make sure, you go to a notary to get a travel permit from one or both parents of the underage.

Special attention should be paid to processing of a multiple-entry visa. For such visa, it is necessary to write a letter requesting a visa, addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a famous destination for celebration of a wedding ceremony or a photoshoot. There are no special rules to obtain a visa in this case.

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