Wedding abroad. Hearts Winning Countries

Year by year, more couples have a desire to celebrate the most important event in their life abroad. Now many countries offer a huge range of services for organizing and holding a wedding celebration. To choose the very place where the wedding will take place, the bride and groom have to decide which country will be ideal for sealing the union by the marriage bond.

Most often, when the future husband and wife discuss about holding the marriage ceremony, they reject the possibility to organize the wedding in another country because of the seemingly high cash costs.

However, this is more a stereotype, and few people know that your wedding can now be organized in different countries of the world, and this does not mean at all that you have to pay fabulous sums for it. You can organize a charming celebration abroad at an affordable price.

Remember that if you want official registration of your overseas marriage, your couple should prepare all the necessary documents. To reduce the budget for the wedding, you can arrange a symbolic ceremony. In this case, the documents are not necessary, as this is more a colorful performance than an official celebration, which means that you do not need to pay for an official marriage certificate, translation of necessary documents, as well as for services of an interpreter and a marriage registrar in the country that you’ve chosen.

The wedding industry is gaining popularity, moreover, many countries specialize in holding weddings and are great for both the wedding itself and the following honeymoon. Now there is a huge number of countries where you can go and fulfil the dreams of a fabulous romantic ceremony.

To make a choice, you need to understand what characterizes weddings in different countries of the world, what features and traditions that are close to your heart can be met and brought to your celebration.

 Wedding traditions from around the world

  • In Italy, for example, it is customary that the image of the bride, despite the beauty and luxury of the dress, will be incomplete without a veil on her face, which is considered a symbol of purity and virginity and is believed to protect against evil spirits. After the wedding ceremony, which is traditionally held in the church, the bride and groom break a vase. The number of fragments into which it has broken, symbolizes the number of years they will live together.

The traditions of eastern countries differ from what we call the traditional wedding, but thatdoesn’t make them less interesting.

  • For example, Chinese bridal dresses are different from the classic world-wide-accepted white dresses. They are bright red with gold embroidery. In the morning before the wedding, the groom redeems the bride, and then joins her parents for a tea ceremony. At the wedding, instead of usual dances, you will see a kind of performance in which performers dressed in cat costumes sway to the sound of drums, scaring off evil spirits from the bride and groom.
  • The traditions of India also are unusual for us. The bride in India is also wearing a red sari with white and gold details, and her hands are painted with henna patterns. An integral part of the ceremony is the exchange of oaths. Pronouncing them, the bride and groom must pass 3 circles, holding the sacred fire. After the ceremony, the groom gives the bride a silver ring, and the newlyweds exchange flower garlands as a sign of their eternal love.

Some couples choose Europe for their special day. And, indeed, it fascinates with its beauty, architecture and spirit of the past. You immerse yourself in the atmosphere of medieval romance, going to sunny Italy, filled with love France, rich in traditions Greece, quiet Cyprus and many others.

However, you should remember that planning a celebration in Europe, you can not be sure that you will be met by great weather, and the cost of the celebration may be muchhigher than you’ve expected.

If you dream of a chic ceremony, like from the covers of a magazine, then there is no more ideal place for the birth of your family than the fascinating tropical islands. For example, a wedding in the charming Dominican Republic with its beauty on the coast of the ocean or the Caribbean Sea can become the most exciting event in your life.

The country also has its own wedding traditions. One of the most beautiful is the sand ceremony. Its essence lies in the fact that the bride and groom have two vessels on the table, prepared in advance, with sand of different colors. At a certain moment, the newlyweds simultaneously fill the sand into one common vessel.

This ritual symbolizes the unit of two destinies and hearts. The common vessel in which the sand is mixed in a fancy pattern, you will take with you, as a memento.

In short, to hold a wedding in exotic countries is a perfect choice for a new round of your love story. Moreover, the undoubted advantages of the symbolic ceremony on the islands are:

  • Exotic landscapes (snow-white sandy beaches, palm trees, azure clear waves of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable sunsets) just for the two of you;
  • You can combine your wedding ceremony and honeymoon;
  • You can hold the wedding at any time of the year;
  • Great weather guaranteed;
  • Sophisticated wedding photos;

A wedding abroad is not a luxury, but a fairy tale that can become a reality and unforgettable moments will remain in your memory forever, and choosing the country for the ceremony is the first step towards your family happiness.