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Wedding flowers – create a fairy-tale for your couple!

Wedding is a special event highly anticipated with awe and wonder by all sweethearts. Everyone wants this day to be ideal and remembered as the happiest and brightest day of their life. This can be achieved with flower decor of your wedding: flowers will certainly make your ceremony very tender and exquisite.

Staying on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in sunlight you may feel that it is all you need to feel happy on this special day, however, decorating your wedding with flowers will make the ceremony more solemn and exquisite. Wedding flowers give new hints even to classical images of the newlyweds, always when bright flower elements are present in a wedding arch, a bride’s bouquet, and flower compositions along the aisle to the altar.

Planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic, remember that floristry requires special attention. You can choose flower décor for your wedding when looking at the pictures of flower compositions that were used at your friends’ or relatives’ wedding ceremonies. Thus, you will be able to decide what wedding flowers and what bride’s bouquet you want to see in your wedding photos. However, mind that fresh flowers are not the best variant for a wedding beside the sea. Due to a high humidity level and the very hot sun, fresh flowers decorating your wedding arch will fade very fast and won’t look like at the moment when you chose them. That is why, if you want to have really bright pictures, we recommend decorating the arch with a mix of artificial flowers with ribbons of similar tones.

Flower bouquet for a wedding. What flowers to choose?

The beauty and uniqueness of every bride can be highlighted with a flower bouquet. It allows expressing the bride’s character, and even a regular dress will look special with a flower bouquet. You can choose both traditional and exotic variants of flowers that can be found only on the islands. To point out your uniqueness even more, use accessories (ribbons, jewelry and even marine-themed seashells).

The Dominican Republic fascinates tourists with its bright tropical landscapes created by a variety of flowers growing here. Among them there is guzmania (tufted airplant) – a plant with a bright bud consisting of orange, yellow, scarlet, coral and claret red bracts in the center and green leaves around it. Vriesea is also a green-leaf plant with a bright red rosette in the center. Aechmea is a flower growing on the trees and resembling a bright bird or a splash of intensive colors.

Meantime, the flower the Dominicans are most proud of is a charming orchid. One of its varieties – tiger orchid – is very interesting. It deserved its name because of an unusual color of its flowers. Singapore orchid (vanda) also boasts exquisite, showy, intensely bright colors.
It is worth paying special attention to well-known but at the same time unfamiliar to us plants. For example, calla seems to be known by everyone, however, it is still rarely used for wedding celebrations, although it perfectly highlights elegance of the bride. Vanilla fragrance is common and popular since long ago, but many people do not even guess that it comes from the seeds if the vanilla orchid. It is used not only in fragrances and cooking, but also widely employed in décor: its tender flowers represent the perfection of pastel tones: yellow, snow-white and light-green. Besides, many people have heard of the passion fruit as edible fruit, but only few have seen the blossom of this plant: its flowers resemble a small explosion of several colors spread all around – each flower mesmerizes you so that you want to observe it again and again.

No matter which wedding you prefer: classical traditional or unusual exotic – wedding flowers will serve as an exotic accent that will embody and express the authentic character of your couple.