Wedding on the Islands – let the World wait!

Wedding on the Islands – let the World wait!

You and your beloved are the perfect couple, an example for all friends and acquaintances, and one day you have decided to become a family. At first glance, it may seem to be the logical outcome of your relationship, but actually… it’s the beginning. And we are not talking about “a long river called Life, in which your ship called Family will float” (the most popular metaphor in Registry offices in Russia), but about the planning of the wedding. The stage of the wedding preparation isn’t less important than the celebration itself, and the bride and groom spend a lot of time and effort to make their wedding perfect. Immediately after the proposal, the future newlyweds face a number of questions: how many guests will be at the wedding? Who they want to invite? Where to find and order everything you need?

However, all these questions are not important if you do not answer the main one: WHERE should this magic day be held? Of course, you can follow the traditions and after “buying” the bride and drinking champagne from her shoes you can spend the whole day with numerous (often unfamiliar) relatives in a cafe, where you will be already waited by a toastmaster who is always ready to offer wedding contests. Today, however, more and more couples prefer a quiet wedding ceremony, a romantic fairy tale for just for two of you, emotions that will stay with you for the whole life. If you and your beloved want to start a family life as in the perfect photo in Instagram, you can’t think of anything better than a wedding on the islands. It is unusual, exotic and will certainly mark the beginning of your family life with bright emotions. If your couple dreams of a fairy tale where you will become the main characters, if you want to wake up in the morning and breathe the smell of the ocean, if you want to run barefoot, holding hands along a white-sand beach, if you want to tell each other the cherished “Yes” with the waves sounds and fall asleep, looking at the beautiful sunset outside the window – then a wedding on the islands is the perfect choice for a new step of your love story.

One of the favorite destinations in recent years is the Islands of the Caribbean sea and particularly the Dominican Republic. One of the main advantages of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is that you can choose any day of the year without pondering when the weather will be suitable.  In the Caribbean Islands, the ideal time for a wedding is spring. In this season the sun is warm but is not boiling hot, and there is a minimal and water temperature difference.

Why more and more couples choose a wedding in the Dominican Republic?

  • Exotic landscapes (white-sand beaches, palm trees, azure waves of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, unforgettable sunsets) just for you two;
  • The opportunity to combine the wedding and honeymoon;
  • Original ceremony;
  • The possibility of a wedding on any day of the year;
  • Guarantee of a great weather;
  • Unsurpassed wedding photos;
  • Affordable cost (wedding can be much cheaper than wedding in many other countries. This may be due to the fact that fewer guests will come to your ceremony in the Dominican Republic, so you will have to spend less on food and other things. Moreover, many hotels also offer discount for weddings and honeymoons).

It should be noted that, preparing for the ceremony, you should take into account some nuances, so that not to face with unwanted surprises:

  • Hot weather above 30 degrees will not allow brides to feel comfortable in lush heavy dresses, so choose light outfits, sundresses and pareos;
  • High humidity that can spoil the bride’s hairdress and makeup. To avoid unplanned “surprises”, you can use the services of a stylist;
  • Legal issues: if you want a formal marriage registration, it requires a lot of time and preparation of documents in advance.

Organization of a wedding in the Dominican Republic. The choice of a wedding dress, style of the ceremony and invitations is only a small part of what a fiancé and a fiancée face with during the preparatory process. You can plan the ceremony on your own, however you need to choose what hotel you want to hold the celebration and to contact the local service, which will help you with the organization. Remember that you have to communicate remotely, which is not always convenient, so to save energy, time and your nerves – entrust the organization to professionals and do nothing but enjoy the sweet anticipation of the holiday.

By the way, if you are planning to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then I will be happy to help you, contact us!

When you decide to marry on the seaside with a light breeze and the gentle touch of the sun, only one step remains: find out how much a wedding in the Dominican Republic costs. Many couples abandon their dreams, supposing that this type of wedding is not available to them, because they cannot afford it. In fact, the prices for a wedding differ depending on the type of a wedding ceremony, as well as the venue of the wedding. There are 2 possible options: an official wedding in the Dominican Republic or a symbolic ceremony. Note that the official registration of your marriage is not as popular as a symbolic one, firstly, it is much more expensive, and secondly, it requires more effort with the documents.

Depending on your desires and the budget that you’re ready to spend on your wedding, there are wedding packages for couple and you will be able to make sure that your dream doesn’t require a great amount of money and you can find offers from the price of $600.

  1. Macau Beach is an option by the reasonable price on a public beach, which means that you will not be able to stay together, but enjoy the beauty of the chosen place;
  2. “Cabeza De Toro” Beach is a small private beach where you can hold the ceremony without strangers and take photos in a specially prepared locations;
  3. “Los Establos” elite horse club is the only location without a sea view, suitable for extraordinary couples representing their wedding near the waterfall or with a horse in the endless fields;
  4. Private complex “Cap Cana” is one of the most beautiful locations of Punta Cana for exquisite couples with views of the pier, the Caribbean sea and access to luxury yachts;
  5. Island of Saona – for adventure lovers, it’s not just a wedding, but a real voyage, which will take about 40 minutes. On the island of Saona, you and your beloved will take part in a photo shoot on a private beach closed to tourists, and then an amazing wedding ceremony will take place;
  6. The “Trocadero” restaurant is a beautiful Italian design project with tropical gardens, swimming pool, palm trees and stone pier for those who prefer a chic and luxury;
  7. Redonda Mountain is one of the most romantic and popular places in the Dominican Republic, about 3 km from the Atlantic coast, between the lagoons of Redonda and Lemon, 60 km from the popular resort of Punta Cana. You can see the Atlantic ocean from a bird’s-eye view and swing over the precipice.

Let the fairy tale come into your life, enjoy every moment, and we will help to make your day unforgettable.

All our wedding offers for two include:

  • The rent of the location for your ceremony;
  • Shuttle/ Transfer;
  • 2 hours of professional photo shoot;
  • Arch, decorations, table decoration, bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere in wedding style that you can choose from our catalog;
  • A bottle of champagne and festive glasses for the newlyweds;
  • Special offer – sand ceremony that will capture your feelings.

Additionally you can order:

  • Dresses and tunics with a train for inimitable photos;
  • Horse for a photo shoot;
  • Wedding cake, cupcakes, candy bar in wedding ceremony style;
  • Decorations made of real flowers;
  • Wedding dinner for two;
  • The rent of a Ford Mustang or a vintage car;
  • Stylist services;
  • Live music;
  • Video of your ceremony;
  • Official registration of the marriage.

Break out of the everyday hustle and start your family journey beautifully: only you, the love of your life and the ocean – unlimited as your family happiness. And let the World wait.