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Wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic

Any wedding, even the simplest one, is a big deal, when you will have to provide fora number of details and work out a lot of aspects. A photo shoot will certainly take one of the central places in your long wedding planning list. And, believe me, you will never forget your wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic.

The experience that you get, of course, will greatly depend on the country you choose for your romantic day. Each option will have its pros and cons, but with regard to the visual image, the Dominican Republic will never disappoint you. The landscape of the island state seems to be created in order to make the perfect decoration for your photos!

Unforgettable moments spent with your loved one on the magnificent Dominican beaches will forever remain in vivid photos that will delight you for many years of your happy life together. And then, after decades, you will look at these beautiful pictures and remember how it was then – at the very beginning.

Natural light

What is the most important thing in photography? Ask any photographer and they will answer you that it is the right light. There has always been and will be plenty of light in the Dominican Republic, due to the sun on this tropical island that shines bright all year round.

For the same reason, your shooting is unlikely to shut down because of the bad weather. The bad weather in the Dominican Republic is extremely rare.
It would not be hard to choose the right time and place for a wedding photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, because the country with its beautiful places, azure water and white-sand beaches filled with sunlight will become your shooting area. Here, each couple easily finds a place that will become an excellent expression of a unique, innate character.
It is not for nothing that many creators of the best commercials prefer to work in the Dominican Republic. It is said that the famous advertisement of the Bountychocolate bars was shot right here! As it turned out, it is a perfect place to capture paradise pleasure.

Say «Patata!»

So, you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic and making plans for a gorgeous romantic photo shoot. Where to begin? First, you need a good photographer.

Of course, you can invite a friend and give him a fairly decent camera, but if you still want to get high-quality pictures and pleasant memories, it is better to appeal to professionals. There will be many of them.

Light outfits are suitable for a wedding photo shoot in the Caribbean, because in a humid and hot tropical climate it is important that you are comfortable on this special day!

You can read about wedding styles here.

We recommend girls to engage the services of a stylist. A professional will help to make sure that the salty sea wind does not ruin the hair and in each shot the beautiful bride is irresistible!
The main thing is not forget to smile! Here and in America in such cases it is said: “Cheeeese!”. And in Spanish there is another word for this – “Patata!”.It is edible too. It means “potato”.

Unforgettable memory

As we have already noticed, the sunny Caribbean island is a magnificent decoration for any romantic photo shoot and wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic. However, so that your memories remain unforgettable, you can choose some exotic places.

In this regard, the Dominican Republic will offer you a great variety. The country is abundant with magnificent white-sand beaches and clear water, ancient caves with real cave paintings, powerful waterfalls and other powerful natural wonders. The cities of the Dominican Republic have a rich history, which also creates excellent conditions for shooting.

Many tourists consider the island of Saona as an especially picturesque place, which idyllic landscapes have become a film set for countless famous and not very commercials.

Despite the popularity among tourists, you will not find any hotels on this island – their construction is strictly prohibited by local law. Only virgin beauty and real feelings, perhaps, the best place for such a thing as a wedding photoshoot in the Dominican Republic.

No less romantic place for a wedding photo shoot is Redonda Mountain. Photos taken on a soaring swing against a background of fantastic views of the mountains and the ocean are amazing!

One of the cheapest options for a wedding ceremony and photoshoot in the Dominican Republic is Macao Beach. This is a quite popular wild beach, with beautiful waves crashing on the rocks.

If you want nobody to interrupt your privacy, we recommend that you consider locations such as private beaches and gated complexes.

For example, onCabeza de Toro Beach, you will find not only white sand and clear sea, but also a lot of scenery, arranged especially for the photo shoot: a decorative pier, a boat, a swing, and more.

Juanillo Beach located in the gated complex of Cap Cana, is also famous for its beautiful landscapes.

Not for nothing, the millionaire and the powerful of this world have chosen this place! The decoration for a wedding photoshoot can be both a classic arch and a snow-white arbor on the pier. And the access to the port with luxury yachts will add some chic and luxury to your wedding photo!

If the soul wants something completely unusual and atmospheric, we advise you to pay attention to the Italian project Tracadero. A snow-white gazebo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by beautiful Italian-style architecture, will be the location for the photoshoot. Details here create a unique flavor: on the territory, there are several buildings with covered walkways and tropical gardens, several pools with islands and palm trees, spacious open rooms with sofas, a stone pier with a marina and much more.

We are sure that the wedding photo session in the Dominican Republic will not only meet but also exceed your expectations! The main thing is to trust the professionals who will help you capture the most tremulous and secret moments of your special day!