Wedding separates – trend of 2015

If you want to celebrate an amazingly original wedding, you have to follow the latest world wedding fashion tendencies. It especially concerns a bride’s attire. Designers motivate modern brides to be more uninhibited. In the spring-summer season of 2015, designers suggest dividing a traditional one-piece wedding dress into a two-piece attire. It may be a top or a blouse and a skirt that is a must. Combined together, two pieces of the attire create an integral and completed wedding look. This idea is new, unordinary and nonstandard. It is also attractive for its affordability. Besides, such attire can also be worn after the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony and choice of wedding separates

Today, all wedding dress fashion shows feature wedding/bridal separates, that is two-piece bridal attires that have literally conquered a fashion industry. These models made their debut at Houghton Bride, Hayley Paige Thei. This impressive and bold style is ideal for attracting attention. If you are self-confident, have a defined waist and an attractive body, do not doubt your choice of a wedding dress. Don’t consider such bold wedding look as inappropriate for a wedding. To make sure your original wedding features a high-level celebration, choose the most suitabledress model. A top should be moderately shortened, and the tail of the skirt – long enough. Try not to cross the narrow line. Only one wrong step separates sexuality from vulgarity. Thus, your dress must look elegant, neat and refined. In such a way, your look will be far from untidiness and vulgarity. For example, the attire with a straight even skirt and a textured top or vice versa will help you create a very original look. Such monochromatic attire looks especially elegant with different textures of fabric.

A two-piece dress does not always expose the waist. There are many models that hide the waist and make your original wedding unforgettable. For example, instead of a top you can use a silk blouse, a mini jacket with short sleeves, a lace shirt and even a snow-white t-shirt that will cover the upper part of the skirt. The line where the shirt “meets” the skirt can be adorned with a beautiful belt. For example, an intense blue or bright red satin ribbon will look gorgeous with a white attire. You can also do without any accessories and leave this “meeting line” as it is. By the way, for your convenience, you can sew some part of the top onto the skirt. Thus, you won´t have to check the “integrity” of your attire all the time.

Wedding ceremony and styles of wedding separates

A wedding dress can be of any style: from classical to bohemian, from expressively elaborated to minimalist. Be careful with creativity on the day of your wedding ceremony. Pay special attention to the cutout of the attire and how it fits you. Besides, check the fabric the dress is sewn of. If you prefer a classical style, elegant lace will be the best choice for you. Such fashionable dress can be adorned with radiant embroidery. If you are looking for romantic trends, opt for tulle. For a boho image, choose a skirt and a top made of knitted “gypsy” lace.

Wedding ceremony and accessories for wedding separates

Accessories chosen in addition to a two-piece wedding dress, just like styles, can be very different. You can opt for traditional coronets, wreaths, earrings, necklaces. All these will always come in handy. However, there are some restrictions as well. A bride in a two-piece wedding attire should discard a lush bridal veil. This adornment will overload the image that is already in focus of attention.

A two-piece wedding attire is a good choice for not only brave and modern young women. It is also an ideal solution for pregnant brides. However, here we mean the first months of pregnancy, when the belly can be hardly noticed, but already makes you feel uncomfortable in a solid, one-piece and especially corset dress. Besides, a two-piece dress is so comfortable in hot weather. If you are planning a beach wedding in the Dominican Republic, the attire will not only look consistent with the surroundings, but also make you feel comfortable under the hot sun.

Taking into account all these benefits of the wedding separates, you won’t need to even consider solid one-piece dresses.

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