What wedding format fits me best?

What wedding format fits me best?

Today, weddings can be celebrated in any format depending on the budget available, time of the year and the number of guests. The format is not a style or a concept the wedding is based on; it is the way the celebration is organized.

Off-site ceremony

off-site ceremonyOne of the popular formats is an off-site ceremony that is the one conducted outside the Civil Registry Office. In some countries of Europe, it has already become a common way of organizing a celebration, while in other countries, for example in Russia, this format was introduced not long ago. As a rule, the off-site ceremony, also called elopement ceremony, is organized for a small group of the dearest and nearest. It lasts for no more than 3 hours, accompanied by beautiful decoration, speech of the Master of Ceremony, and light music.

Elopement ceremony is a format giving much freedom for fantasy. It can be conducted in picturesque surroundings, creating an idyllic site that will highlight an individual style of the newlyweds. With this format, the newlyweds can turn any wedding dreams into reality.

From the point of view of the law, the off-site ceremony is a kind of a show, since the law does not allow registering a marriage outside the Civil Registry Office. The newlyweds will have to go to the Civil Registry Office anyway to comply with all the formalities of official wedding. Many couples do it beforehand, on some day of the week before the solemn celebration organized off-site. Marriage is registered, while the celebration is scheduled forlater on. Sometimes, married people organize a celebration even a year after the legal marriage registration. In this case, the ceremony is not conducted by an official of the Civil Registry Office but by a professional Master of Ceremony who creates a unique romantic atmosphere of the event.

Couples often choose the format of the off-site ceremony because it can be conducted wherever their heart desires, even abroad. For example, some people are dreaming about exchanging vows on a Dominican beach or aboard a ship in the open sea or in a country house. It all depends on what the newlyweds want. This format has several advantages that a traditional registration at a Civil Registry Office does not feature:

  • You can choose any location for celebration;
  • You can create a plan of the ceremony independently;
  • You can set up décor that will turn the ceremony into a vivid fairy-tail;
  • The newlyweds can interchange vows, making the moment even more tender and romantic;
  • The Master of Ceremony will pronounce a unique text written especially for these newlyweds;
  • You can combine the ceremony with the banquet so that the invitees do not have to move from one place to another.

Traditional family wedding

A traditional wedding is a format chosen mostly in Russia. In this case, the newlyweds start by going to the Civil Registry Office accompanied by their relatives and close friends. Such wedding is distinguished by the joyful and cheerful atmosphere full of sincere feelings and warmth of family bonds.

Big wedding

A big wedding includes participation of not only the nearest relatives and friends but also mates, colleagues, companions etc. Such event starts in the morning from “ransom for the bride” show and ends almost at midnight in a café or a restaurant. It features an eventful entertainment program, a special menu and thematic décor of the wedding hall.

Choose a wedding format

What advantages and disadvantages of different formats should be considered when making a choice?

  • A banquet in a traditional style is a good idea if you do not have time for preparations, guests are “conservative”, and the newlyweds do not want to participate in all the hustle and bustle before the wedding.
  • European wedding. Unlike the traditional one, when people spend much time sitting at the tables, eating and drinking alcohol, a European banquet is celebrated on foot. It helps to prevent the celebration from turning into a “booze-up”. The banquet can be set up in a park or in a garden, or at any open space enplein air. The guests will be able to move freely, communicate with each other and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The banquet includes a wide choice of light snacks, soft drinks and drinks with alcohol. This format is good for mostly young people. The elderly people will find it hard to stay on foot during the entire celebration.
  • A wedding picnic outdoors is created for a small group of invitees and for a warm season of the year. It is better to be chosen as a theme for a photo shoot than for the entire celebration.
  • Thematic celebration following to a special plot. This celebration requires long preparations and significant expenses. If the newlyweds have enough money and time, they can create an absolutely exclusive event.
  • Young people will also like the wedding in a disco format. A hall can be decorated as a disco hall, a DJ can be invited and various cocktails served.
  • Adrenaline and extreme lovers can also organize a ceremony that will satisfy their demands. For example, the newlyweds can exchange rings during a parachute jump or underwater, while diving.

A wedding can be organized in the most unusual and uncommon way. How to do it? Trustyourtaste and your wishes. If you do, this day will be remembered by you and your beloved one for the rest of your family life.

You can organize a wedding in the most unusual way. The main thing is to trust your desires. Then this child will become the most memorable in the life of the husband and wife, so feel free to contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions and conduct the ceremony taking into account all the wishes.